Curse of the Ghost Ship

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This a Simutronics paid quest that is re-run from time to time. Groups of up to 10 adventurers can sign-up individually for each run.

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With new waters of the ocean being explored, it is natural that things will be discovered. Islands, treasure, a cursed ghost ship doomed to sail the sea for eternity...

Are you brave enough to set foot on its bloodstained decks to put it to rest?

"When a ship loses its name, by magical means or otherwise, it is doomed to an eternity sailing the seas.
The ship, along with its passengers, can never rest until its name has been restored. 
Particularly strong magic can cause the ship to remain cursed even after the name has been restored."

    Elanthian Sea Legend

The Legend

Legends have been an important part of the seafaring culture for practically as long as it has existed, and many of the legends are riddled with superstitions. One of these legends is that of a nameless ship. It is said among sailors that if a ship’s name is removed from its bow, it will be unable to rest, as will any passengers on the ship. The only way to allow the ship, and those aboard it, to rest is to return its name.

The Ship

One such ship has been recently discovered by the Fangs of Ushnish, a fleet based in Ratha. It shows no signs of life or being anchored, yet it stays in the same spot. Its canvas sails are tattered, and the board carved with its name is missing from its bow. The sailors were too superstitious to enter this nameless ship for fear that their souls will be taken forever. They fired cannons at the ship attempting to force it to sink. To their shock, the ship didn’t even move when fired upon. This confirmed to the entire fleet that the ship is indeed a cursed ghost ship. After much deliberation, it was decided that a select few brave adventurers will be brought in because, in the fleet’s experience, adventurers will do anything at the hint of treasure.

The Challenge

The time for action is now. Do you have what it takes to brave furious seas and tame a cursed ship? To tread where blood was spilt and lives lost? Then take up the challenge and come aboard! Sail to a place of curses and ancient magic. A place where riches beyond your wildest dreams or death beyond your most horrible nightmares await. Where a sharp sword and a sharper wit will be necessary to survive. If you have the courage, take your place by the Fangs of Ushnish and set sail to the ship which is Cursed!

What can you expect?

Cursed! follows in the great tradition of quests in DragonRealms. You'll find that like our past quests there are puzzles, treasures, dangers, and secrets galore. But unlike our past quests, this quest is non-linear. Stuck on one puzzle? That's okay, go do another one and return to the harder one later.

Like all quests, you can die in this quest and you can lose items in this quest. Bring plenty of favors but do not bring any items you cannot bear to lose. The quest is expected to run about five hours but can run longer. Everyone must show up one half hour before the start of the quest. If you show up late, you will be starting behind and will have to catch up. Since teamwork is essential to complete the quest, failure to show up in time could prove disastrous to you or your fellow adventurers. Failure is possible, but the rewards for success are great. Please read QUEST POLICY in game for further information before you start your quest.

Oh, and about the sailor's superstition that their souls would be cursed forever to roam the ship if they fail? Well... just make sure you don't fail...


Takes approximately 6 hours to complete.

Type of Quest

Combat is skills are less of a factor on this quest, and the focus is on the puzzles which must be worked through. It is possible to fail, and not receive access to the end-of-quest prize assortment.

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