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Re: GM written event reports? · on 01/19/2013 04:01 PM CST 1959
In Ilithi we have a new Scribe for the Court who's job it is to keep people up on events. Mistanna is brand new but I like her style out the gate. Here are examples of her reports regarding this event:


The Tower Tour was punctuated by a few odd happenstance.

It is speculated that the flickering lights that were experienced in the library during the tour were caused by someone performing a sorcery that was used to defeat the wards on a vault within the Tezirite sect hall in Shard.

A Y'shai, when queried, stated that: A thief, who so far has only been identified as a gnome, broke into the vault and stole a few bits of jewelry, which were described as not particularly important, and an orichalcum icosahedron, known as the Hand of Meraud. The engravings on the artifact were described as 'self-similar'. (possible interpretation?) While it's supposed to be an inert artifact, but we were advised not to focus on it if we find it, or even to touch it too much. The theft is being presented as not particularly important, and concern is being addressed to the fact that the wards were defeated. The Y'shai also did not put out any sort of request for help, but said that the return of the stolen items would probably result in some gratitude.

The figure in armor and a black cloak we saw outside the tower was there to initiate a meeting between Guildleader Mortom and Annisean Crowther at the sect hall. Mortom was seen entering the hall just after the end of the play. (Which was absolutely fabulous including the epilogue and so worth of an extra mention!) It was shortly after this that the Y'shai came out to answer questions.

And end part: Summary:

A vision came forth that described lava devoured fields. Y'shai Daldruk scouted and found the area, and we stood here until ... Kolosin shows up and makes a dive for the hiding hole where he stashed the icosehedron. There's a lot of confusion, and Vinjince kills Kolosin. He drops the icosehedron and Rifkinn gets a hold of it and runs off. Kolosin seemed to get it back, and then Daldruk gets a hold of the gnome to try and pry it out of his grasp. In the struggle it fell to the ground, hard. Daldruk says that there is something wrong with it... we smell burn ing hair and ozone and then...boom. Where we were all standing is now a massive crater. No more magic.

Daldruk walked but did not join the starry road.

Kolosin died at least a dozen or more times afterwards, Rifkinn a few as well.

These reports are punctuated by edited logs of the event to add the full flavor. (which I did not add as you mention not wanting logs) I'm not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but so far I feel all up to speed.


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