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Re: GM given charges and auto-arrest in no-justice. · on 08/24/2013 10:46 PM CDT 3743
>>Without GM intervention there is no way to be arrested in a lawless and unsafe room, I have been told this by several GM's. If you were looking up me in this instance it happened to Arsenyka. I find it very hard to believe some random bug gets people arrested out of town.

I'm not going to post a whole bunch on this thread, but I wanted to bring up what you and I discussed on our assist awhile back. It IS possible to get arrested in a lawless room outside of city limits. It's a small part of the Justice System that doesn't get triggered often, but it CAN happen. There's a kind of build up from warrants and "certain circumstances" that lead to it. And before the question is posted, no, I'm not fully aware of what those circumstances are.

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