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Re: Fissure Stacking · on 12/20/2012 02:03 PM CST 299
Fissure stacking makes use of all the new stuff for M3. The original cast creates a fissure with a certain strength and integrity, and an original duration based on the strength. The mana it adds to the room is a function of the strength and duration left. If you cast a fissure and just let it hang out, it will slowly apply less and less mana to the area as it shrinks.

Casting the same element type on the fissure will increase the fissure's duration, which often makes the fissure look bigger, and boosts the mana output from the fissure because of the increased duration.

Casting a related element on the fissure will boost the strength of the fissure at a cost of a lessened duration. The fissure may shrink in physical size, but the mana output will probably end up being higher even with a shorter duration. Following up with a cast of the fissure's element type can then boost the duration back up, and now the fissure is both stronger, lasts longer, and the mana is boosted by both aspects.

Casting on an unrelated or opposing element works the same as with related elements but in a more severe way. Greater strength boost, greater duration loss.

Finally, each of these actions harms the integrity of the original cast by a certain amount. If the integrity falls below a certain threshold then you will not be able to manipulate it with new casts. Also, sometimes it explodes.

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