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fishing with lhars(old) · on 1/24/2011 11:04:05 PM 12770
4 xzean-

old log of Lhars Fishing for merelew, before the chagas and conjurers showed up in Muspar'i.

found out more people saw the full log than I knew of, so I figured I'd share some of it. Editted out all the other people, conversation, fidgeting, and Lhars redressing after his swim.

set up: Lhars was looking for passage on a boat, he threatens the crew, and commands them to stop over deep water. He dives overboard and after some time, he has them hoist a merelew they caught up. Then he has them head to Ratha before he leaves with it. I don't think it survived the trip back to Haven or his experiments, but he probably found more. I'm sure the Therengians could shed more light his antics up there.

You glance at Lhars. His features are hard to make out.

Lhars removes a tattered desert shroud from his shoulders.

You see Lhars, an Elf. Lhars has pointed ears and crystal green eyes. His black hair is long and fine, and is worn loose. He has copper skin and a lean build. He is tall for an Elf. He is in his prime for an Elf. He is in good shape. He is holding a tattered desert shroud in his right hand and a bag in his left. He is wearing a large net with weighted tips, a yeehar-bone spear, a scuffed belt knife, a leather scabbard, some faded leather pants and a pair of faded leather boots.

Lhars says, "Stop here."

Lhars slings a yeehar-bone spear off from over his shoulder.

Lhars says, "You will do exactly as I tell you."

Lhars says, "Remain here. If you attempt to leave, I will find you, and I will kill you."

Lhars says, "When I return, you will sail again for Ratha island."

Lhars says, "And when I call for you again, you will take me to the port of Riverhaven."

Lhars slings a large net with weighted tips off from over his shoulder.

Lhars dives overboard, quickly disappearing into the murky waters.

The dark, night waters lap against the side of the ship. The sea is calm, thankfully.

A violent fit of bubbles disrupt the surface of the water! And then all is quiet again. Long moments pass.

Lhars breaks the water's surface, gasping for breath. A large bundle of what appears to be writhing seaweed bobs beside him.

Lhars calls out, "Draw me in!" He casts a rope onto the deck.

"person" pulls on the rope, drawing it aboard. (repeatedly)

Lhars just arrived.

Lhars pulls on a rope tied to the bundle of seaweed, hoisting it toward the deck.

Lhars manages to struggle the writhing mass aboard, quickly clearing away the oily weeds that cling to it.

Lhars glances at a frightened Merelew.

Lhars says, "Sail."

Lhars clenches his yeehar-bone spear tightly until his knuckles go white.

Lhars gazes at a frightened Merelew.

The frightened Merelew glances fearfully overboard.

Lhars angles his spear at the Merelew, and she seems more docile.

Lhars says, "She'll serve her purpose." (the merelew)

A frightened Merelew gazes at the approaching city with sorrow.

Lhars says, "I will find a way to call for you, when the creature is strong enough to survive the trip to mainland."

Lhars grabs the Merelew by the arm, gripping tightly.

Lhars just went north.

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