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Final Warning :P · on 03/04/2012 10:32 AM CDT 1281
Howdy folks. Just a final warning that skinning 3.0 and leatherworking 3.0 are coming out soon. My tentative release date for Prime is the weekend of the 17th for the first round of changes.

To recap:

1). ARRANGE will be available to all Guilds, and everyone will be able to arrange 5 times and get perfect skins if they have the appropriate skill.

2). Critters can now produce SKINS and PARTs. Not all will do both, but we'll add that over time. BONE will become available as I begin working on that system next. Syntax is ARRANGE <critter> FOR <part/skin>. Specifying the critter or what you are arranging for is optional. Skins are a bit harder to go for than parts.

3). Ranger's nature pool bonus to skinning will remain.

4). Arrange/Skinning exp will be rebalanced so Rangers are not required to ARRANGE all to learn effectively.

5). ARRANGE ALL will be taught via a Tailoring Technique that grants a few additional bonuses as well. Anyone can learn this. Rangers have 2 bonus slots in Tailoring (1 in carving), and they can choose to spend one on this Technique if they want to.

6). Skin value and skinning difficulty will continue to be derived from critter difficulty. No changes to bundling or selling of skins.

7). Scrapers will become a crafting tool with quality, durability and potency. These will be forgeable. All old scrapers including the swappable knife/scrapers, should auto convert.

8). SCRAPE round times and difficulty are subject to bonusing from tool potency. Scraping difficulty is now based on the skin's workability. The entire process was rebalanced up to 1500 ranks.

9). CURING a skin is now done by tanning lotion. All existing potions and lotions should auto convert to the new system. Players will POUR the lotion on a cleaned skin to begin the hours-long process of tanning it into leather. This action relies on Outfitting Skill (Mech for now). A successful curing will increase the quality of the skin by a small amount.

10). CURING can be sped up by pouring more tanning lotion on the cleaned skin. This has a chance to reduce the quality for each attempt.

11). Initially only leather clothing will be available for crafting. With my work load I expect armor, shields and containers to come out 1-2 weeks after this, depending on how smoothly things go.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

This message was originally posted in Abilities, Skills and Magic/Survival Skills - Economic, by DR-KODIUS on the forums.