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Re: Feel of LT (thrown in general) · on 05/27/2013 06:37 PM CDT 1438
>>with comparable defenses to my LT

The to-hit chance on something with defenses = to your offenses is very low. When I tried to change this prior to 3.0's release, it broke the game. Everyone is used to hunting without enemies having a chance to hit them and if I made the to-hit high for even offenses/defenses, all players would have to move back 1-2 hunting areas...

This is where buffs, debuffs and the attack style come in to help you hit. The to-hit chance goes up rather quickly as your offenses exceed your opponent's defenses. The problem with thrown is you don't have attack styles to help you like melee weapons do, and you don't have an AIM bonus either.

This message was originally posted in Combat - Weapons and Armor \ Thrown Weapons, by DR-KODIUS on the forums.