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Re: Experience Pool Size - Bug Fix · on 12/10/2015 07:03 PM CST 4567
I'll do something out of the ordinary and actually give you hard numbers. For Int and Wis, the following bonuses apply at key breakpoints:

Compared to baseline pool size, for each stat you get are at...
Int/Wis 30 = 112%
Int/Wis 60 = 121%
Int/Wis 90 = 125%
Int/Wis 120 = 130%

Disc also increases pool gain, at 10% efficacy, thus continuing its trend of doing just a little bit of everything.

Thank Ssra for wanting to put these numbers up originally, and Zadraes for giving me approval to do so.


This message was originally posted in Abilities, Skills and Magic \ The Experience System, by DR-ARMIFER on the forums.