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Re: Events · on 05/27/2012 11:11 AM CDT 591
>>Closure to the whole Tethia thing would be nice, even if it is a summary of what the original intent/plan was.

OOC Summary:
Tethia was a plant by Erzebet in her bid to destabilize and take over the guild. Tethia had nothing whatsoever to do with Tezirah, except that this was the cover she was magically compelled to believe; she was an innocent that got mindwarped and used without her conscious volition.

The plot failed, Erzebet was quietly censured for her meddling, and Tethia disappeared. Possibly returned to her normal life, possibly expediently killed.

Meta comments:
I greatly disliked the Tethia plot from the word go, since I am not a fan of the "humorous" rape fantasy that developed around her origin story. It was even worse when I read the notes and realized that it had nothing whatsoever to do with her actual origin or purpose in the story.

The plot had been long dead by that point, and I made an executive decision that the Tethia stuff was going to remain dead and buried.


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