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Estate Holder History Lecture, Part 3 · on 01/18/2017 02:53 AM CST 638
Date: Kertandu, 3 Uthmor 422 (1/18/2017)

Players present (4): Dianelle, Isharon, Saragos, Starrprancer

[Asemath Academy, Auditorium]
This hall, used for lectures and other presentations, can hold the entire student body and faculty of the Academy. Rows of benches for the students and chairs for the professors are arranged before a low platform for the speakers or guests. The room is done in polished rosewood walls enlivened with woven hangings in abstract patterns. Brass and crystal lightglobes hold candles for evening presentations.
You also see History Professor Undilthorpe and a burly white peccary with a couple of things on it.
Obvious exits: out.

Professor Undilthorpe says, "Well then, may as well begin. If others show up late they can just guess what's been said already."

Professor Undilthorpe straightens himself and clears his throat.

Professor Undilthorpe says, "Welcome to the third and final lecture in this series."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "For those who may not be familiar, the series' topic is the history of the Estate Holders, and in particular the title of this lecture is 'Later Expansion and the Modern Day.'"

Professor Undilthorpe says, "This lecture will cover the time spanning roughly the year 351 A.V. to, as you might guess, the present day."

Professor Undilthorpe begins casually pacing the platform.

Professor Undilthorpe says, "For those who have not been privy to parts 1 and 2 of this series, I believe they have been recorded and made publicly available, should you choose to seek them out."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "I won't backtrack into information given in them here and now, though, as the Council and general Estate Holder organization had reached a point much as we know it today by the time we're now covering."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "The biggest exception to that statement being, of course, that the influence of the Council had not yet spread into the provinces of Qi'Reshalia or Forfedhdar."

Professor Undilthorpe removes his spectacles momentarily, wipes something from them, then returns them to his face before continuing.

Professor Undilthorpe says, "And so, naturally, those events are what this lecture will be focusing on."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "As makes the most sense, we'll be moving through things chronologically, which means that first we must briefly discuss the nature of Qi'Reshalia."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "More important than anything else to know about the province of Qi'Reshalia is that, when you get right down to it, it's only really a 'province' in name only."

Professor Undilthorpe stops pacing to stand at the center of the platform.

Professor Undilthorpe says, "In fact, another more accurate term you may have heard used for it would be 'the collection of Qi'Reshalia.'"

Professor Undilthorpe says, "To keep the lecture on the shorter side, I'll hope that it suffices to say there is no single central authority in the Reshal Sea."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "Rather, each of the major islands claims its own independent sovereignty, and have historically only rarely, and in the case of some islands, have never, collaborated together to any great extent, on anything."

Professor Undilthorpe gives a slight nod.

Professor Undilthorpe says, "Thus as one might imagine, this made the expansion of the Estate Holder Council's influence a very piecemeal endeavor."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "Among the earliest solid contacts forged between the Estate Holders and the islands came by way of the lingering, and still quite close connection between the Elothean population of Aesry Surlaenis'a, and their kin still residing in Southern Ilithi."

Professor Undilthorpe shifts his weight from one leg to the other, then begins pacing the platform.

Professor Undilthorpe says, "If nothing else, the notion of an organization dedicated to maintaining peace in the provinces was a harmonious and appealing one to the notoriously peace-loving populous of the city."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "Though that cannot by any means be said to have been the only point of contact, as the Great Houses of Ratha had, since virtually the inception of the Estate Holder Council in Zoluren and Ilithi, had some degree of trade contact with the original founding families of the Council."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "Therengia, as well. I ought have checked my notes again."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "That being said, the true solidification of the Estate Holder presence in the islands wouldn't come until the year 355 A.V., with a gradually growing population of Estate Holders, drawn there through trade between the island and Leth Deriel, wishing to settle in the city of Mer'Kresh."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "Despite their notorious distrust of outsiders, the Rissan elders were quite quick to embrace this transplanted population and agree to allow a previously abandoned building to be refurbished and converted into the Estate Holder club that some of you may well have visited at some point."

Professor Undilthorpe breaks into a wry smirk.

Professor Undilthorpe says, "What neither Aesry Surlaenis'a nor M'Riss had any stomach for, however, was the politics involved in the representative Estate Holder Council."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "Such was not the case on Ratha however, who's nine ruling families are rather unabashed in their appreciation for politics... And for claiming to speak for all of Qi'Reshalia, for that matter."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "Thus, the representative to the Estate Holder Council for Qi'Reshalia is an appointed position, designated by Ratha's Council of Advisors."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "Not surprisingly, as the other islands are given no voice in the choosing of the Councilor, those that hold that position wield decidedly little influence in Estate Holder affairs within Qi'Reshalia outside of the island of Reshalia itself."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "Considering how little influence the Estate Holder Council actually has on that island however, it's a rather dubious position even at the best of times."

Professor Undilthorpe gives a slight shrug of his shoulders, which does little more than to rumple his robes momentarily.

Professor Undilthorpe says, "In any case, we shall now shift our attention from the east to the west, and discuss the fascinating expansion into Forfedhdar."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "With the reopening of Forfedhdar's borders still well within living memory it shouldn't be particularly surprising that it was that province that would last see the expansion of the Estate Holder Council's influence."

Professor Undilthorpe pausing a moment as though wracking his memory, he finally gives a slight nod and resumes his almost monotonous pacing.

Professor Undilthorpe says, "Now then, the first inroads that the Council would make into Forfedhdar actually came in the year 378 A.V."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "This happened by way of an invitation from the Sisterhood of the Rose, who offered the use of their already constructed Premium Society facility adjacent to the Chateau on their island of Ain Ghazal."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "They had previously operated the facility themselves, but extended the offer to make use of it as a gesture of good will, from one peace-loving organization to another, in the hopes of furthering their mutual cause."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "Of course, it wouldn't be until the actual opening of Forfedhdar's borders in 384 A.V. however, that Estate Holders in general would be able to avail themselves of the amenities."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "And if you haven't visited it, I highly suggest it."

Professor Undilthorpe flashes a brief smile.

Professor Undilthorpe says, "Inroads deeper within Forfedhdar, however, would come mostly at the behest of the House Nadamian."

Starrprancer says, "The mines there are wonderful."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "I've heard the same, but I never left the Chateau other than to arrive and depart."

Professor Undilthorpe chuckles to himself.

Professor Undilthorpe says, "The Nadamians, for those who aren't aware, are a quite large and quite old Dwarven lineage. One with a fairly unique and wide reaching influence that spans its ancestral homeland in Forfedhdar, as well as the island of Ratha."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "Indeed, there has always been a Nadamian on the King's Council in Hibarnhvidar, and likewise, from the time of the outsting of the Dragon Priest Empire there has always been a Nadamian representative in Ratha's Council of Advisors."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "Being among the largest, if not the largest, brokers in valuable gemstones the world over, their pull when it comes to establishing diplomatic relationships that favor their trade is not insubstantial."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "This would inevitably lead to their strong push toward sanctioning of the Estate Holder organization and its Council within Hibarnhvidar."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "And, while the King did sanction the Estate Holders with the opening of the provincial borders, the organization in Forfedhdar is, much as with Qi'Reshalia, markedly different in its makeup and operations than elsewhere."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "While the royalty of Zoluren, Therengia and Ilithi are exempted from membership among the Estate Holder organization, and Qi'Reshalia has no recognized royalty to exempt, it was made a condition of the sanctioning within Forfedhdar, that the royal family be admitted."

Professor Undilthorpe comes to a standstill again, at the center of the platform.

Professor Undilthorpe says, "The current Estate Holder Councilor from Forfedhdar, Guhnard, is in fact the fourth in line to succeed to the throne of inner Hibarnhvidar."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "For obvious reasons, this makes the Council's general purpose of providing a check against royal power gone awry something of a dubious prospect in Forfedhdar, but such are the compromises sometimes required with interprovincial politics."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "And that brings us to the state of things today, in a very general sense."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "I do hope this lecture, along with the previous two parts of the series, have helped to shine at least some little light on just why the Estate Holders exist, as a council and as an organization, and the unique place it has within and amongst each of the five provinces."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "And I thank you all very much for attending."

Professor Undilthorpe smiles briefly once more and affects a slight bow.

Dianelle says, "That does help to understand it so much more, thank you."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "I'm very glad to hear it."

Isharon politely says, "Thank you for lecturing."

Starrprancer says, "I never knew about the whole royal lineage exemption thing..."

Isharon says, "Nor I."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "And with any luck I do hope to find a suitable publisher some day, so that I might add more of the detail I've had to omit for these brief lectures."

Dianelle says, "Oh I'd like that."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "But yes, particularly in Zoluren and Therengia, it's quite a pointed matter that royalty not hold a place on the Council."

Dianelle says, "And I do wish you do more lectures in the future."

Isharon says, "I am surprised the Council does not have its own publishing house."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "It really ought to. Perhaps you might suggest it to them."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "I would. But I'm rather biased and it would be a bit of a conflict of interest."

Isharon says, "Perhaps it could even consider submissions from rank-and-file Estate Holders."

Professor Undilthorpe grins.

Dianelle grins at History Professor Undilthorpe.

Professor Undilthorpe says, "As for more lectures, feel free to put forth subjects and perhaps they'll pay for me to deliver them. I'd be happy to."

Dianelle says, "Lady Altadene."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "The class sizes with you all may be less than usual for the Academy, but at least you all remain awake throughout."

Professor Undilthorpe chuckles.

Saragos says, "It was most engaging, Professor. I'm glad to have made it, if a bit late."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "Well, when it comes to the Lady, they may as well ask her to discuss herself. Though she has some fascinating stories to tell, dating back to the time of Lanival."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "I appreciate your attendance, late or not."

Dianelle says, "Either way, I'd like to learn more."

Saragos says, "Now that sounds interesting."

Professor Undilthorpe nods his agreement.

Saragos says, "The history bug has bitten me later in life. I find myself seeking out books I would have fled from as a boy."

Saragos says, "Now, I can't get enough."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "If you ever catch her in a relaxed moment, I'd also suggest striking up conversation with Savrin Kaerna, just up the North Trade Route. It's sad how few know of her contributions to the overthrow of the Dragon Priests in Zoluren."

Dianelle says, "Ooh."

Saragos says, "That a fact? I'll make a point of it."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "It is indeed. But I'm digressing and babbling on."

Starrprancer says, "Been trying to learn a bit more myself..."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "Rare I get to hold forth on history for a willing audience."

Professor Undilthorpe grins.

Professor Undilthorpe says, "At any rate, I shall leave you all to your business with a final thank you for attending."

Dianelle curtsies to History Professor Undilthorpe.

Isharon asks, "Are you more accustomed to a captive audience?"

Starrprancer says, "I just recently learned of my lineage... and well who I actually am."

Professor Undilthorpe bows once again.

Dianelle says, "Thank you so much."

Saragos says, "Thank you again."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "I'm mostly used to students who have to take my classes whether they wish it or not."

Isharon says, "That sort of student often absorbs more air than knowledge."

Saragos says, "Most folks never know what they have until it's fled from them."

Professor Undilthorpe says, "So very true."

Professor Undilthorpe smiles.

History Professor Undilthorpe just went out.

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