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Empath and Cleric leaders meet · on 1/28/2010 9:40:06 PM 11742
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The Khalo'rae'Moda and the various Cleric guildleaders met tonight in the High Temple to discuss plans for dealing with Lyras. Details of the meeting are not known, since they politely asked me to break my mirror when I put it up and I didn't want them to disappear me.

Minerve (one of Tallis's handmaidens) came and hung out at the bank for awhile and chatted with us, but also didn't know any details of the meeting. After the meeting she headed up to speak with Tallis then told us a few things. Here's what I managed to copy:

Minerve says, "Oh, hello again."

Szrael says, "Good morning."

Minerve says, "The guests have left, her Her Holiness is resting."

Szrael says, "I did not want to barge in upon her."

Szrael asks, "Is there any news?"

Minerve says, "The Cleric and Empath leaders have agreed to perform a joint ritual of sorts."

Minerve says, "The Empath leaders are apparently willing to try something different..."

Szrael says, "Were they very forthcoming? We have all been very curious, ever since we heard of the meeting some months ago."

Szrael says, "I suppose I should not be surprised."

Minerve says, "Oh, and the temple device will be utilized."

Szrael asks, "Something powered by the orbs?"

Szrael asks, "Other than the Shield and the Beacon?"

Minerve says, "I am told they are going to gather again for the ritual, when the day comes."

You ask, "How soon?"

Minerve says, "Her Holiness is confident that Rutilor will let her know."

Szrael says, "It is good to know that something has been put into motion."

Minerve says, "But they will all need to be here for the ritual, and the armies of the faithful will need to face Lyras once again."

Trinean says, "Magic based results. That I like."

Szrael says, "Well."

Szrael asks, "Face Lyras again, you mean, as the Prince did?"

Trinean says, "I love productivity."

Trinean says, "My aura is a bit weak."

Trinean says, "Hopefully we'll find other ways to help."

Minerve says, "I'm not sure that any of us can do what the prince did."

Szrael says, "Ah well."

Szrael says, "I suppose they will let us know if anything is required."

Trinean says, "If we can stop at least some of the threat... many things would be worth it."

You ask, "Is the High Priestess aware that Book and Xerasyth are planning something as well?"

Minerve says to Trinean, "Her Holiness said that the ritual would be to break the lich's protections, and then we will still need to vanquish it. So yes, we need all the help we can get."

Minerve asks, "Like...what?"

You say, "I don't know precisely, but it's a potential confound to keep in mind."

You say, "The visions in the past have been foreboding to say the least."

You say, "Frankly I worry about anyone that is on the front lines against Lyras."

Minerve quietly says, "I hope the ritual smushes them as well."

Trinean says, "Me too, Ma'am, me too."

Szrael says, "Well then. I hope they will give us a little warning before they begin the ritual."

Szrael says, "So that the armies can get into place."

Szrael says, "But I suppose too much warning would warn Lyras also."

Szrael says, "Thank you for the information."

You say, "Yes. Much obliged."

Trinean says, "There are some that walk amongst us."

Trinean says, "We'll do our best to cast Rutilor's eye on them thoroughly in advance."

Minerve says, "Thank you for keeping me company for a bit earlier."

Szrael says, "Good morning to you."

You say to Minerve, "Was nice to meet you."

Trinean says, "Good luck, Ma'am. I imagine there is much for you to do."

Rev. Reene

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