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DR-MELETE · on 4/24/2011 12:31:41 AM 4953
>>Out of curiosity, could you elaborate on some of the concepts that are being considered?

Healing Empathy feats, basically. So different ways of healing that have advantages and disadvantages compared to standard healing, that become available to Empaths as their Empathy increases. (Not just wound redirection, but actual different healing techniques.)

These would be higher level Empathy abilities and therefore (likely) teach better than standard healing. It would hopefully give Empaths more ways to approach healing, more versatility, and make it so that the experience of being healed by a 30th circle Empath is much different from being healed by a 100th circle Empath. At least, potentially.

However, these things are in the brainstorming stage, not even the proposal stage right now. I need to finish up all of the Empath projects that are in various states before I would feel comfortable saying more than "this is something that has been discussed behind the scenes." One thing that has been discussed, for example, is a passive healing that can heal multiple patients at once.

More ways of healing are definitely something I want to see though. Empathy does not do enough right now and correcting that is something that I think will go a long way toward making the Empath guild better for all kinds of Empaths.

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