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Re: Dwarven Culture Faire 419 · on 02/27/2016 12:02 AM CST 3424
// What is acenite?

Found along river banks in Ilithi, this white metal was once disregarded as stone until an unwitting Elven forger accidentally put it in his forge and it melted. With an opaque and matte hue when cast, the metal tends toward the softer side and holds intricate detail, so it is most commonly used in jewelry or other adornments in place of ivory. "Acen" is "white" in Ilithic.

//F2P Showing items
I believe there's a pass for it. That one's system locked, sorry.

//I love the merchants and a huge props goes to all the people that contributed to them.
Honestly, so much this. The large majority of the items from a handful of shops would not have been possible without the people that contributed. Yes, many submitted ideas got adjusted or reworked, and you can thank Worrclan for inspiring the beard waxes, clays, pomades, and oils. He had a much more involved idea, but I thought this would be a bit more welcome and flexible.


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