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RE: DEMEANOR [GUILD] · on 4/11/2011 1:33:53 PM 58597
>>getting rid of the profession flag has many benefits. I cannot, and have not seen posted, any drawbacks to doing so

I actually haven't seen any of the benefits you're mentioning. The main benefit you seem to be referencing is that the PROFESSION flag hinders RP, but the arguments there are kind of murky.

For instance, I often mention that I like to program. It's general knowledge in my circle of friends that I'm a programmer, even though it doesn't come up in every conversation. I think that having your PROFESSION flag set is a similar thing - You regularly do things that publicize your abilities as a WM (or whatever), and it's basically public knowledge that you're a WM. Kind of like how people know Hercules is strong even if they don't witness feats of strength themselves.

Remember that you're a hero in Elanthia - You're far and beyond the average person, and your actions tend to be the things of rumor and legend. If you want to indicate that you intentionally keep a low profile, you should actively set your PROFESSION flag off.

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