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Re: Cyclic Exp · on 12/14/2013 07:09 PM EST 213
>>What you view as difficult or complicated may not be what others see as "fun", either.

Yeah, but it's also the same way on the flipside - I totally agree. Bartle's got a great writeup about some of the fundamentals of what people get out of playing games, and there's a TON of other literature out there too.

What we have in 3.0 caters exclusively to people who want things as easy as possible. Training magic requires almost no effort - You can train your magics well into the thousands with a low-cast ES. In fact, the higher your skill gets, the EASIER it is to train with a low-level spell. It's actually absurdly broken in a lot of ways under the hood, and while it's nice to just be able to not have to think about what you have to do in order to gain ranks, that's not a very compelling game.

>>it's just a gigantic bummer to have to choose two hunting areas for combats/magic

Forgive my snark, but welcome to the life of a warrior mage. It's more prevalent in 3.1, but the fact that you're kind of screwed if your skills aren't pretty close together is only new for some guilds - Others have been living with it for a log time, which sucks. At high levels, there are some serious gaps that make it worse - We're working on addressing that right now (see: Melete's creatures, and a couple unannounced things that you'll hear about in the next couple days).

And, to be fair, the hunting area problem only applies if you want to train TM or Debil. The rest can be trained from the comfort of your own home.

>>The Research thing is a neat idea, much as I hate to say it, it sounds like a glorified band-aid to cover the wounds Magic 3.1 would make, rather than finding a way to make it work.

If you're unhappy with the idea that you need to cast challenging spells to train your magic skills, I don't think we're ever going to see eye to eye. Magic 3.1 is going to change up the way people train magics from something that took little effort or care into something a bit more aligned with other important systems, especially since the magic skills are incredibly important to how effective you are as an adventurer.

If anything, RESEARCH is a gesture to allow people who WANT to pay less attention to the spell progression to continue doing so. The Symbioses also help with that, because they let you scale a low-level spell up to a higher-level spell and continue using it to train.

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