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Current Staff Structure · on 10/23/2014 11:54 AM CDT 1086
With a recent staff overhaul, I've taken each team and grouped it with the other teams it would sensibly be grouped with, and put them together under a larger "Division" umbrella. This doesn't change the way the teams are managed, just makes it easier in terms of Senior staff oversight.

Current as of Oct 22, 2014:

== Development Team ==
= Worlds Division Lead= SGM Ulerith
*Areas SGM Ulerith
*Sentients SGM Ulerith
= Skillsets Division Lead = ASGM Armifer
*Combat ASGM Kodius
*Magic ASGM Armifer
*Survival ASGM Ricinus
*Lore FGM Grejuva
*Guild Dev Oversight (*see below) FGM Raesh
= Content Division Lead= ASGM Ricinus
*Core ASGM Ricinus
*Logistics ASGM Ricinus
*Quests FGM Abasha
*Culture FGM Raesh
*Crafting ASGM Kodius
= Positions Division Lead= ASGM Kodius
*Bugs ASGM Melete
*Continuity ASGM Armifer
*Races FGM Raesh
*Worlds Training SGM Ulerith
*Systems Training ASGM Ricinus
*Systems Training ASGM Armifer

Positions are single (or occasionally double) positions which are not responsible for all the development in the area, but instead it's an oversight role that allows someone to keep an eye on the full scope of development by the regular teams.
*GDO is technically a position, but fits better grouped with Skillsets.

== Customer Experience Team ==
= Premium Services Division Lead = SGM Zadraes
*Premium Team OPEN
*Platinum Team SGM Lyneya
*Fallen Team SGM Lyneya
*Wedding Team FGM Kaarina
= Event Division Lead = ASGM Melete
*Event Team FGM Persida
*Hentaraen and In-Game News Team OPEN
*Advocates Team ASGM Melete
*Orders and Player Groups FGM Jhustis
= Player Volunteer Division Lead = SGM Lyneya
*GameHost Team FGM Seyalle
*Message Board Team FGM Seyalle
*Mentor Team FGM Seyalle
= Administrative Division Lead = SGM Lyneya
*Hiring Team SGM Lyneya
*Training Team SGM Lyneya
*Shift Team Supervisor OPEN
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