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Re: Crafting exp should probably be turned · on 04/06/2013 12:38 AM CDT 3449
Due to a flaw with how I designed the core, it would take several months for me to increase the number of actions, while reducing the RTs. Not something I am happy about, but I lacked the insight and skill when I designed the system to have done anything better.

Would doubling the number of actions and halving the RT really do anything? I suspect everyone would still just script it without paying attention so I've not focused my time attempting it.

Work order payouts do need adjusting. Balance is an ongoing thing, but I have a lot on my plate right now.

As for worst-case RTs, I have some ideas on how to fix that but it will have to wait for Alchemy and Enchanting. If I go reducing RTs now, I'll just end up nerfing them later.

For example...

Cooked food would give a 1 second reduction in RT when your RT is over 15 seconds. Rare cooked food would give -2 seconds.

Enchanted tool could grant the full stat bonus reduction. Others could proc a RT reduction like food or a quality improvement of the item.

Alchemically enhanced tool (oil of crafting( would give the full potency bonus while the oil was in effect.

Stuff like that. Also don't discount the possibility that some Guilds could get crafting RT reducing spells and abilities. Sure, RTs CAN be 30 seconds. But generally they are in the 15-20 second range and will be in the 8-12 second range once all the boosters are available.

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