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Combat 3.1 · on 12/08/2013 04:38 PM CST 2
Howdy folks.

Combat has seen a few additions and changes. I'd like to go over them briefly so folks can start testing -

>>maneuver help
Usage: MANEUVER LIST - Display all known maneuvers.
Usage: MANEUVER (ability name) (target) To use a specific maneuver.
Usage: MANEUVER HELP (ability name) To learn more about that maneuver.

The first set of maneuvers for the new system is now in test. This includes all the Charged maneuvers. These are used via the new MANEUVER verb. Just MANEUVER CLEAVE, and the system will try to cleave whatever you are facing after several seconds of preparation. The maneuver will fail if you are in RT, disabled, or out of range when it triggers.

Targets can be specified via MANEUVER CLEAVE SECOND GOBLIN. Maneuvers have about a 60 second cooldown, and teach weapon skills normally.

Cleave - Swords. Moderate damage bonus, ignores shield.

Crash - Blunts. Great damage bonus, ignores parry.

Impale - Polearms. Exceptional damage bonus, ignores armor.

Twirl - Staves. Exceptional damage bonus, ignores Evasion.

Palmstrike - Unarmed. Incredible accurate, moderate damage bonus, shorter cooldown.

Powershot - Bows, Slings, Crossbows, Slingbows. Incredibly accurate, moderate damage bonus.

Doublestrike - Dual Wielding. Moderately accurate, great damage bonus, 2 attacks.

Suplex - Grappling. Incredibly accurate, great damage bonus, knocks enemy over.

This attack has been split up into LOB, THROW and HURL. LOB is a lightly damaging, fast attack that has 0% chance to lodge with all weapons. THROW is a moderately damaging attack with normal chances for weapons to lodge. HURL is an incredibly damaging maneuver with a guaranteed chance to lodge for all weapons (even blunts). RTs were changed across the board for these attacks. Bonding potions will be changing a bit to reduce the DPS when used on lodged thrown weapons.

Why? Thrown DPS was all over the map. Light weapons did effectively nothing against armor. Now LT users have some options. The RT might be greater, but you'll at least be doing some good damage.

Lodging may also be undesirable, so LOB sidesteps that completely. If you have a heavy slicing/puncture weapon you might find LOB is superior to THROW for this alone. HURL is more of an alpha strike. Use it when you must stun the enemy or when you must get that poisoned whatever to stick (someday soon!). And nothing makes me smile more than the image of an annoyed dwarf hurling his battleaxe into the charging enemy horde!

The Bonding potion mech abuse began before my time. It was allowed to progress to a point where not having a potion penalized you in combat. That was never intended, and while I know it is going to upset people, adding a small RT is the only way to balance things back out. We are also working on a new "weapon of returning oil" that you will be allowed to change your bonded thrown weapons over to in the future. This will make the returning automatic for misses and hits w/o lodge, and with a small RT when lodged.

As with all things, I will be monitoring and working to improve the experience, damage and RTs for these new verbs.

  • To come

- Stun and knockback rewrite

- Fixes for stealth wound penalties

- Situation, Channeled and Toggled Maneuvers

- Dynamic defense system

This message was originally posted in Dragon Realms 3.1 Test \ Combat, by DR-KODIUS on the forums.