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Re: Color-changing Gems · on 11/3/2010 8:35:21 PM 1462
Correct. You can see many of those materials featured around the shop. As Solomon just posted ( there are quite a few new rare materials exclusive to Hollow Eve introduced this year.

To clear things up the color changing gems are (listed in tiers of rarity, most common first)





As a whole these can be called Uwresari Gems, color changing gems, astrological gems - whatever the player base adopts I suppose. They are not exclusive to Hollow Eve, technically, though there are no current plans for them to be introduced outside of it.

The gems that are Hollow Eve exclusive are as follows:

Katamba's spire - The dark grey quill appendage of a rare plant, transformed to a striking opaque crystal.

Hav'roth ambrosia - A rose-shaped amalgam of multiple insects petrified together.

shrike's eye sapphire - A spherical stone of the darkest black. If viewed at precisely midnight beneath the stars, an ice-green pinpoint resembling a pupil will be visible in its center. Named after Dergati for this quality, as it is thought to resemble her Third Eye.

night diamond - A midnight purple-hued gem filled with countless tiny specks of silver, visible only in dim lighting, that are unaffected by the cut of the gem.

haze sapphire - Faint grey swirls seem to drift through the inner structure of the muted blue gemstone. Skeptics claim this effect is a simple trick of the light while the more superstitious claim the swirls are the souls of those imprisoned by Huldah.

cloud rubies - The deep reddish-purple gemstone reveals its inner beauty only when inspected in subdued lighting, such as an overcast day.

gloamstone - A deep purple rock, similar to marble, frequently streaked with black or dark grey impurities. (Grammatical Note: Much like marble or granite, you wouldn't have "some gloamstones" but "some chunks of gloamstone" or "some gloamstone")

pitch pearls - A dull black pearl that never shows even a hint of color, regardless of lighting conditions. Legend claims that objects left by a pitch pearl for extended periods of time will become dull and slowly fade to grayscale. (The legends are wrong.)

Though it's outside the scope of this post (Since it's sorta gem centric) I'll mention that tyrium is a HE exclusive metal since it is heavily featured in the shop.

tyrium - Like steel, tyrium is predominantly an iron alloy, though what it is alloyed with is a secret that has eluded metallurgists. Should any have discovered the secrets of its manufacture, they have kept the secret well. Fortunately, when found, whatever the origins, tyrium is only slightly harder to work with than the best steel. Aside from the allure of its mysterious nature tyrium is sought out for its deep purple coloration, incredible ductility and low malleability. Items forged from tyrium are denser than steel and command exorbitant prices (hundreds, if not thousands, of platinum for a single piece is not unreasonable).


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