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Re: Cleric update? · on 02/12/2012 09:30 AM CST 1593
>> Are how communes activated going to change (no more material components, (lengthy) RT added?)?

No. There has been talk of allowing reagentless communes at higher devotion cost, but I'm rather wary of it. If it happens, it would be a Theurgy skill feat after release.

>> At the risk of sounding obtuse, what is/becomes the difference between a Commune and a Spell? Of our current 8 communes, 3 or 4 of them are essentially duplication of existing spells (Bless, Blood Staunch, Caiman Swim, and Meraud's is Banner++). The bypassing of cast/mana mechanics? Doing something that's kind of hard to define magically (Glythtide/Truffenyi)?

You're right that some communes could just as well be spells. The Glythtide and Truffenyi communes are examples of things communes should ideally be doing. It's a matter of outdated design, but I don't have any near-future plans to rewrite the others (except the first Eluned one, when I find a replacement for it). The only reason for the new Tamsine commune being yet another combat boost in X3 is that it let us shoot several birds with one reasonably elegant solution.

>>I'm a little concerned by this, since I use beads for favor orbs. Suppose I'll stock up on my common beads until you all get around to integration.

Well, the bead carving system isn't going to be turned off. It simply won't benefit from the exp awards, shops, maker marks and whatnot that new Crafting provides, until the conversion.

>>PoM and MF will become communes/rituals.

Some clarification is in order. The "ritual spell" term being introduced in Magic 3.0 has nothing to with the Clerics' devotional systems, and every guild will have access to that spell type. MF will utilize a bit of Theurgy not because it's a ritual spell, but because it's thematically a spell-commune hybrid where a god is directly involved. You will continue to use PoM/MF and the communes the same way you're used to.

But yes, your circle advancement will likely be hampered if you shun the communes. The Theurgy gain from [devotional] rituals alone is going to be a slow trickle.

GM Grejuva

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