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Re: Can we buy access to chatter? · on 04/24/2015 02:49 AM CDT 1581
Just responding (late) so that there's a red response to it...

There are no plans to allow additional access to chatter beyond the Free accounts. During busy times, conversations can be hectic as it is. We don't need folks chatting about sportsball and the ensuing moderation from hosts/mentors/GMs that would cause as well. OOC networks like that are best served via AIM, IRC, or some other suitably OOC means. CHATTER's purpose is strictly for new or returning _players_ to the game to get the help they need.

Ricinus has been doing work on expanding gweth ranges. That can (and has) added to the broader sense of community in the game and is a better medium than an in-game OOC chat system.

SGM Zadraes
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