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Re: Big fish · on 12/30/2012 06:11 AM CST 999
>>Or just say screw it, this is a game, and should be playable for everyone, and release something stupid like 'sticky bait' that sticks the critters to the line through magic voodoo I don't care about replicating a hook, or just say 'hook is not sufficient to cause shock' and be done with it.

I did update fishing for X3 so that permashocked Empaths can fish with impunity. Non-permashocked Empaths will be able to fish as well; before they mechanically were prevented from fishing despite the shock. In X3 they just get a little shock along with their fish. In the new shock system, it's probably not enough to really hurt their Empathy too much unless they take up fishing as a professional trade.


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