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Re: Bardic Events · on 12/16/2011 09:36 PM CST 1412
Re. Wren, she did indeed escape. She's been seen out and about, but not recently.

(As to the whys of their interest, I don't have that answer yet. It was before my time. Not that I'd necessarily come out here and give that info if/when I DO have it, but I'm sure I can find ways of at least getting some hints out there for interested parties. Again, that's if/when I DO have the info.)

Re. the other portions mentioned:

Ezruh's still hiding out, apparently. I mean, nobody's seen him, nor has anyone seen his dead carcass (or anything anyone is trying to pass off as that), so...draw your own conclusions.

Karovaas is still doing his own research, though perhaps without that guiding hand of Ezruh - or if so, he's hidden too, but I don't think that's quite his style, at least long term. Might be out on his own again researching/practicing/whatever it is he does, which might be worrisome. Or exciting. Depends on your feelings about him. ;)

Rackin'frackin'tarnation Sentinels. Grrr.

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