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Astrology: It's What's For Dinner · on 05/07/2001 05:54 PM CDT 21

As previously announced, the Moon Mage guild is receiving a new a Lore skill named Astrology. We're moving into stage II of the Astrology release (as well as some other exciting projects), so it's time to explain our plans and what this skill means for the guild.

Q: So what do you really mean by Astrology?

A: Astrology and astronomy in real life are distinctly separate topics. In Elanthia, this doesn't hold true. Our characters live in a world where technology is nearly as high as our real world; in technology's place, we have magic and mystical abilities of all kinds. Thus, it is reasonable to combine both Astronomy and Astrology as one thing -- all things stellar and heavenly fall under the Astrology heading, whether they be a Moon Mage's perception of orbital mechanics or foretelling the future due to birthdate or any other esoteric means. Astrology is both mysticism and science for our characters, thus the skill is born.

Q: What will Astrology be used for?

A: There are lots of options to explore in this regard. Obviously, Astrology will play a strong role in prediction, but we're not limited to just this -- magic and even enchanting can potentially use Astrology. We have other more esoteric plans, but at this time, we're not ready to discuss them. Our goal is to make Astrology an integral yet natural part of the typical Moon Mage's life.

Q: Ok, what's all this grandfathering bit about?

A: The Astrology skill will indeed by grandfathered -- by typing PREDICT GRANDFATHER in game, you'll be given your ranks of the skill based on the circle you currently are. This is a one time only grandfathering.

Q: Whoa, by circle!? What about the prediction counter that Caymus told us about!?

A: We're still using the prediction counter, but since Astrology is going to be used for MORE than just prediction, we're basing the skill itself off of circle alone. Your counter will still continue to count towards prediction ability -- consider it what we call "phantom ranks," but you won't actually see this usage until the new prediction comes closer to release. In other words, you'll be better at prediction because of the counter if you've predicted a lot, but the non-prediction aspects will not be affected by the counter. This may seem counter intuitive at this time, but it will all make sense in short order.

Q: So will Astrology be a requirement of some kind?

A: Astrology will eventually be a requirement and it will eventually count towards overall Lore averages. At this time, it will not do either of these, but we will inform you in advance when this changes.

Q: Huh? Well, uh, why do we need it grandfathered right now?

A: No comment for now, but suffice to say that those ranks will be very important for something in the very near future which makes it necessary to allow you the option to grandfather now. :)

Q: Ok, when is this going to be available?

A: The PREDICT GRANDFATHER function will go live in Plat first Wednesday, then in Live on Friday.

Q: So if I get my grandfathered ranks of Astrology now, then later on circle a few times, won't that mean I'll have ranks to make up when Astrology becomes a requirement?

A: This is correct -- in this scenario you will have to make up ranks. If you are a Moon Mage who doesn't like to predict, first off... shame on you. Second, you can choose not to type PREDICT GRANDFATHER and simply wait until it does become a requirement to get your grandfathered ranks -- after which, you'll need to learn Astrology normally to circle.

Q: Wow, will it be teachable so I can make up those ranks?

A: It will be teachable from Moon Mage to Moon Mage only. This will most likely be implemented before the skill is a requirement.

Q: Will we get TDPs (time development points) for these ranks?

A: No, but that's what we felt was an acceptable price to pay for being grandfathered at all (in addition to the above caveat involving circling and grandfathering if you choose your ranks now).

Q: Ok, so how do I learn this Astrology skill?

A: Currently... You can't, however that will be changing before Simucon (June) as Moon Mages gain a means to learn and use this skill. As time goes on, we will be implementing multiple ways to learn Astrology. To no one's surprise, prediction will eventually teach this skill.

Q: Did you guys intend to make this both scary and exciting?

A: We're evil. What can we say? In all seriousness, we understand that this release is a little odd, and may not make much sense at this point. All will be revealed in due course, and we ask you give us the benefit of the doubt. We're not looking to tank the guild. ;)

This message was originally posted in Archived Staff and Game Master Announcements \ Old GM and Staff announcements - Moon Mages, by DR-RIGBY on the forums.