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Re: Armifer - Some M3 Questions · on 02/12/2012 01:06 AM CST 1196
I'm not Armifer, but having converted some of the spells you mention, I'll poke in.

Firstly, there have been a couple cosmetic changes since the initial spell list. Trothfang's Rally will be named Truffenyi's Rally, as its blood drain effect is long gone. Clarity and Divine Guidance have swapped bonuses due to thematic reasons and the latter's original design -- Clarity will boost intelligence and DiG will boost wisdom.

>>1. Possible to make this work even if the paladin isn't the group leader?

Yes for both spells.

>>2. Possible to make the "increase balance" aspect make someone stand up from kneeling or knocked down status?

Probably not in a group spell, but we'll see how TR compares to similar cyclic spells in the end.

>>Mind discussing the contest on this spell? The challenge with this spell has always been "Ok, I am tingly but I can't see the person and there is nothing I can do at this point but flee." Not saying that is worthless, merely pointing to the practical implication of what does "successful enough" mean? Is it a perception vs. hiding check? If so, probably not that useful. If it is perception (plus bonus because of spell) vs. hiding, no we are talking.

The Paladin Sixth Sense contests Perception vs Stealth, with large bonuses from Clarity and Soul State.

>>If [Smite Horde] is changing to pure TM, then it would seem appropriate to remove the range limiter


>> and this probably simply becomes a magic training spell.

If you mean outside combat, nope, because TM skill will also take on the current role of PM in TM spells for the most part.

>>You may consider adding a "it refills pools" as well. Removing death's sting is useful but without the pools (fatigue and so forth), most people will have to sit around anyway before they can re-enter a fight. I think the intent here is to give up a favor to get people back on their feet (fully functional) quicker.

I haven't touched Alamhif's Gift, but this sounds reasonable.

GM Grejuva

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