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Re: Are ALL necro buffs in the transcendence book? · on 4/1/2009 12:43:18 AM  ?
>Isn't that hssarith or whatever guy down in shard a redeemed necro? I didn't read into his whole backstory, but apparantly he was a bad person, adan'f, and somehow he became s'kra (I'm guessing maybe it involved carving people up like xerasyth), but now he's trying to help out the town or something. I don't know all the details because I only visit ilithi, but I thought maybe a redeemed necro would have some part to play in the whole lyras event and the opening of the guild.<

Hssarith was never a sorcerer, much less a Necromancer, and has never been a 'bad person' in the general sense. He worked towards trying to make a truce with Shard and just chased off people hunting adan'f without ever venturing out of the woods.

As others have mentioned, he turned into a 'S'Kra' by freak chance when Xerasyth usurped his authority. Everyone was surprised by this. He is a Moon Mage with no Guild or Sect affiliation. Upon turning 'S'Kra' he assisted Shard against the adan'f for a while, then left and was not heard from for years.

>Xerasyth, on the other hand, seems to be a Philosopher. I believe regular spirit dancers are Perverse, but Xerasyth was an anomaly in a whole lot of ways (being a lucid spirit dancer, studying rituals, living three times as long as Adan'f are supposedly able to live, etcetera).<

>I thought it was said that Xerasyth and the majority of the Adan'f represented the Perverse. He sure acts like one.<

This is a good question. Xerasyth is probably a good example of 'Perverse because he had to be'. He leans heavily towards the Philosopher side of things and claims to personally identify in such a way, but he is irrevocably 'outed as a powerful Necrolord' and has no qualms with eliminating whatever stands in his way for his goals. His goals just don't happen to be power in the standard sense or killing everyone or world domination. Who knows what other Philosophers might think of him?

Lyras is a much better example of a classic Perverse, although her power level is something PC Necros are not going to be achieving for obvious reasons.


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