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Re: Any update on these spells? · on 09/13/2013 02:47 PM CDT 1421
>>so, is ROS going to be changed to a stationary spell?

It should be a stationary spell right now. Is it still moving with you in some cases?

>>If it triggered properly, it'd be pretty handy.

When I did the most recent change, this should have gotten better as well. Are there cases where it could still use improvement for pole range hitting?

>>I believe Thieves have a jump to melee move

This one might still get past the pole range effect. When the spears are stationary, they really aren't dangerous to get around. It's when they shift, either by the normal cycle, or when certain things happen that the mage is aware of, that they become dangerous. That thief move is particularly in the range of outside of the mage's perception.

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