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Re: And Justice for All (Crafting Halls) · on 05/03/2015 01:39 PM CDT 1290
How Accuse Necro Works:

Joe Accuses you of being a necro. If you have an obvious tell up (Necromancy in place, a title, that sort of thing) guess what? You're guilty, bring on the mobs.

Okay, let's assume that's not the case. Now, most likely, their accusation will fail (And if Joe keeps failing he can get fined for it). After all, there's nothing about you that screams "NECROMANCER". There is a chance that they'll believe the accusation anyhow, and fun times follow. This is known as a "false accusation" and can apply to anyone, necro or not.

However, the longer a necro remains in a justice area the greater the chance of a "false" accusation to work. This isn't true social outrage and it resets fairly fast after leaving justice (No code access at the moment so I can't check exactly how long it is, but we're talking like a half hour? Hours? Certainly not days or weeks like social outrage). It's just there to encourage people to scamper along.

As for the patrol thing, Persida basically covered it. You aren't going to randomly find guards in the crafting halls. This means that if your:

a) Not actively committing major crimes which can trigger an auto arrested.

b) Not actively being hunted by a posse for outstanding crimes.

c) Not being actively accused (Or you are being actively accused but you don't have necromantic tells up and aren't sticking around for a long period of time...)

There's not much to worry about.

Now, if you're actively seeking out trouble while in there, that's a whole different issue.


"Ever notice that B.A.'s flavor text swells in direct proportion to how much one of our characters is getting screwed?" - Brian Van Hoose

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