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Analogous Patterns 3.0 List · on 11/11/2011 05:45 PM CST 1508
Ease Burden (Introductory Augmentation) [No req.]

-Only one significant change from now: it actually works. We fixed a bug that is nullifying the effect of the spell. Whoops.

Strange Arrow (Basic Targeted) [Req: Ease Burden]
-No significant change. You point, it murders.

Manifest Force (Basic Warding) [Req: Ease Burden]
-Substantial change. Manifest Force has been redesigned to more fully fill the role as an 'ablative armor' spell. It does not lose its power over time, nor does it affect a percentage of the damage being done. Instead, it will flat out block some amount of physical (Impact, Slicing, or Piercing) damage. The amount blocked depends on the spell's Potency and it can be very generous. It can trigger up to six times per cast before it ablates fully away, and retains its full Potency for all six hits.

Lay Ward (Basic Warding) [No req.]
-New spell. Provides basic but comprehensive defense against magic. Lay Ward is not especially powerful, but it's also effortless: it only triggers on offensive spells, does not hinder the subject of the spell at all, and does not ablate. Useful as either a cautionary defense, or to supplement other warding spells.

Dispel (Advanced Utility/Debilitation) [Req: Lay Ward]
-New spell. Attempts to strip a spell away from the target. If self-cast, it is a Utility spell that attempts to remove harmful spells. If cast on others, it is a Debilitation spell (Mind vs. Will) that attempts to strip away beneficial spells (starting with barriers).

Imbue (Advanced Utility) [Req: Lay Ward]
-Migrated from the Moon Mage spellbooks. This spell will be in a transitional state until the release of the new enchanting system. Until the new system is released, only Moon Mages will be able to memorize and use the spell and it will retain its current function. A revised version of Imbue that is open to all magic users will be released along with the new enchanting system.


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