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Re: An interesting turn of events · on 06/12/2012 04:12 PM CDT 1154
<<Therenginian justice zones>>

Just for the record (Without saying this is what Gort's player meant)... 'Justice Zones' (mechanically supported zones in which JUSTICE tells you it's a justice-controlled area) are not the end-all be all of a provinces lawful control. If it is in a province, it can ultimately be deemed an area covered by the law of that province. Rock Trolls west of Kaerna are not magically beyond the realm of Zoluren guards because it's beyond a barricade and JUSTICE says you won't be automatically charged with crimes there.

Is there more leeway in that direction? Sure, but there ARE mechanically supported instances (in which no GM has hit the often-bashed ARREST button) where you'll get nabbed by provincial guards outside of regular justice and city zones.

GM Jaedren
P1-P5 Events Guy

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