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Caution.png SPOILER ALERT!
This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.

Akigwe's Legacy: Player Info · on 03/22/2012 12:33 AM CDT 3207
If you want to go into the quest without ANY extra knowledge, stop reading. You were warned.

In order to try and help you have a better experience, here are some tips. Special thanks to the Plat folks for offering tips, and for their testing and suggestions. We made a big leap from their first run to second. Constructive feedback as you guys embark on adventures within the tower is certainly welcomed.

I'm not going to post exact details of the puzzles. I still want there to be an element of discovery for first timers, but I'll offer these tips to help you, the player, out.

As is stated on the quest's page and here on the forums, this is a puzzle-based quest. The puzzles serve as obstacles to delay your progress in reaching the boss at the end. Each puzzle has a timer associated with it, and you should NOT underestimate how quickly time goes. You're going to feel rushed, especially on your initial visits. This is normal and intended.

In the initial stage, it is strongly advised that you split up to do your exploring and searching. If you try to work as a group, that time is going to disappear very quickly. This primarily applies to the treasure hunt area. There's also an untimed puzzle in this same area -- again, I'd advise against making it a group effort lest you fail the stuff that matters.

After the treasure hunt, you'll move on to a combat phase. There isn't really anything to solve here, you just need to keep pressure on those trying to slow you down. See the "Combat Info" section below.

Beyond the combat phase is the tile trap puzzle. This confines you to a very small area. Each person works individually here -- one person messing up doesn't wreck anyone else trying to solve it. Once one person solves it, it'll be solved for everyone.

The final phase is the boss fight. He uses a combination of boss mechanics -- essentially the max damage done by any one attack is capped and he flexes to the player attacking or that he's attacking. Anyone (except Empaths) should be able to contribute to this fight.

Once the boss is dead, you move on to treasure selection! This happens pretty quickly upon his death; you won't be able to go back and explore the tower. Yirruv is very eager to let Idwuro know of your success.


This guy is the equivalent of the parrot from Ghost Ship. He's probably going to annoy you, a lot. But he's also there to direct your efforts and help push you on if you're lingering somewhere you shouldn't. You can ask him about TIME, LIST (when appropriate) and HELP.

Combat Info:
There are only two stages of combat in the quest: the clockwork assistants and the boss at the end. Empaths can fight the assistants; they are constructs. Empaths can NOT fight the boss -- he is a living thing.

Details About the Clockwork Assistants:
These use a new type of flexing that I'm experimenting with. Essentially they take your skill into account and then generate a creature roughly based around that. It is not a perfect system. This is important: You need to pay attention to the spawn message of these guys.

To use one of the Plat tests as an example:

A sibilant whisper comes from all around, "Solstitia must die...."
The sounds of grinding mechanisms precede the arrival of a docile clockwork assistant.
A sibilant whisper comes from all around, "Tyrael must die...."
The sounds of grinding mechanisms precede the arrival of an expressive clockwork assistant.
A sibilant whisper comes from all around, "Talo must die...."
Whirring gears announce the arrival of a nervous clockwork assistant.
A sibilant whisper comes from all around, "Eryndil must die...."
A fidgety clockwork assistant lurches in.
A sibilant whisper comes from all around, "Hverkis must die...."
A dour clockwork assistant lurches in.

Each player is assigned an adjective when you're gathered into the quest area. This means your adjective can (and probably will) change each run of the quest. Just because 'docile' ones flex to you this time doesn't mean that next time they will, too.

On this run, the 'docile' assistants were flexed to Solstitia; the 'expressive' ones flexed to Tyrael; 'nervous' ones flexed to Talo, etc. You can use the adjective in your commands (SLICE DOCILE ASSISTANT, ENGAGE NERVOUS ASSISTANT, etc). Be careful of creatures not of your type -- higher ones could very well eat you.

When these guys spawn, it's random. Continuing to use Plat examples: a nervous (Talo) assistant could spawn in a room that only Tyrael is in. Move around and find the ones flexed to you, or lower. Challenge others at your own risk.

Notes from the Platinum Players:

1) Yirruv picks a character and sticks with them. Remember which character, because they are now the most important group member.

2) When a monster makes it clear that they've picked a specific person to kill, that tells you something about the monster's abilities.

3) Incidental treasures are good; end treasures are better. Don't always assume you can solve a puzzle at the last minute and instead search for loot.

4) Yirruv likes to tell you about the time or the task. Keep asking him. A lot. And then some.

5) Time goes a lot faster than it seems. Never stop trying to figure out the puzzles.

6) Be sure to look not only IN and ON things, but also UNDER and BEHIND.

There are many challenges in the tower, but hopefully this will help make encountering them smoother and (a little) less frantic. Good luck!

ASGM Zadraes
Logistics Lead

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