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After tonight's play · on 2/26/2011 10:25:02 PM 8871
You see Lady Shantelle Trigomas, a Human.

Surrounding a heart shaped face, thick russet hair has been coifed into a mane of soft curls, complimenting her porcelain complexion. Full, pouty lips, tinted the color of a ripe strawberry, perfectly accent her aquiline nose and thick lashed aquamarine eyes. She has a shapely figure, carrying herself with the regal posture of one born to a life of privilege.
She is petite for a Human. She is a young adult. She is in good shape.
She is holding a glass of sparkling champagne in her right hand and a small playbill trimmed in gold leaf in her left. She is wearing a filigree circlet of cabochon bloodstones cradled in briars of gold, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a braided gold necklace bearing the crest of House Trigomas accented in diamonds, a strand of blush-colored pearls interspersed with pink diamond spacers, a beautifully draped pink silk cloak lavishly lined in fluffy white fur, a gold-centered pale pink rose, a dainty lavender-blue butterfly orchid, a midnight black velvet gown accented with ruffled crimson feathers at the low neckline, a beaded reticule trimmed in frothy lace, a carved platinum ring displaying an exquisite pink diamond, a dainty gold ring set with an Eluned's tear sapphire, a sinuous gold hip-chain dangling hundreds of tiny dragon's blood crystals and some fragile crystal slippers inlaid with brilliant white diamonds.

You see King Talorc Yngvar, a Human.
Talorc has deep-set stormy grey eyes. His silver-streaked black hair is short and wavy, and is worn loose. He has pale skin and an athletic build.
He is a bit over average height for a Human.
He appears to be in his prime. He is in good shape.
He is wearing a jadeite gwethdesuan, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a thin silver circlet of serpentine dragons interlocked with gypsy knotwork, a scarlet-scaled poloh'izh hide cloak, an ebony short bow wrapped in polished scarlet viper-skin, a white swordsman's shirt with flowing sleeves and long tapered cuffs, a suit of fine mail with a scarlet viper on the chest, some fine chain gauntlets with fluted steel cuffs, a shadow black leather sword belt studded with cabochon rubies, some supple black lambskin dueling pants, a black leather thigh quiver and a pair of black leather boots hand-tooled with gyspy knotwork on the cuffs.

You see Guildleader Selinthesa Saar'pon, a S'Kra Mur Bard.
She has slitted ale-brown eyes and golden scales. Covering the back of each of her hands are a series of intricate russet-hued tattoos that curl slightly around each wrist and disappear up each of the sleeves of her robe.
She is in her prime for a S'Kra Mur.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a glass of sparkling champagne in her right hand and a small playbill trimmed in gold leaf in her left. She is wearing a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, an intricately etched golden tailband, a black ebonwood case adorned with a pair of jeweled theatrical masks, a ilmenite ring inlaid with sapphires in the pattern of a knife, a full-length formal robe sewn from deep crimson silk woven with fiery golden highlights and a golden sun rose.

You see Songsworn Saecihlaya, an Elven Bard.
Saecihlaya has pointed ears and grey eyes. Her golden hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn loose, tucked behind her ears. She has fair skin.
She appears to be an adult.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing some soft leather-soled slippers, a black velvet gem pouch with a jade dragon clasp, a leather robe, a short bow, a silk-wrapped scabbard, a brocade case, a long silvery-grey hooded cloak, a kyanite gwethdesuan and a jadeite gwethdesuan.

Shantelle offers Chabelle a Theren Theatre Staff badge displaying the title "MANAGER".

Vicktoreon says to Rikilieta, "Belphoebe has been a dear friend for a while now."

Drexella says, "How perfect."

Chabelle accepts Shantelle's Theatre Staff badge.

Valkri exclaims, "Oh, more work!"

Saslisena gawks at Shantelle.

Chabelle beams at Shantelle!

Shantelle gets a Theren Theatre Staff badge displaying the title "ASSISTANT MANAGER" from inside her beaded reticule.

Valkri grins at Chabelle.

Shantelle offers Saslisena a Theren Theatre Staff badge displaying the title "ASSISTANT MANAGER".

Chabelle exclaims, "Oh, thank you!"

Talorc says, "Also one more small token for you."

Ishva says to Shantelle, "They are perfect."

Talorc offers Chabelle a large clear diamond.

Valkri says to Talorc, "Your Highness."

Talorc says, "I know who she is but thank you."

Shantelle says, "It had all the things the locals love, a little history, a little romance and of course a little blood."

Drexella says to Sebestyen, "I can change that."

Marsais says to Zynara, "Oh gods. No, no you would not. Though the last time it happened I had a bard write a song about me."

Selinthesa says, "Always blood with this group."

Marsais says, "Well done."

Drexella says, "Very very well done."

Ysselt says, "A well-acted piece."

Jerid says, "Well done all of you, great show tonight, thank you yet again."

Mordibar says to Chabelle, "Brava."

Talorc says, "Chabelle when I give my token to a living person instead of leaving it near a dead one it is a sign of my favor."

Drexella says to Ishva, "And you, you didn't do too badly either."

Chabelle says, "I am deeply honored, your Highness."

Drexella says, "Or course, good luck in claiming that favor Belle."

Marsais says to Saslisena, "Well acted."

Azomoth says, "Was a pleasure to hear this story."

Drexella says, "I still have mine after all these years."

Saslisena says, "I hope the Baron isn't offended."

Mordibar says to Saslisena, "Unlikely."

Moraxis says, "You made a good Baron, Miss Sasli."

Razzer says, "Well don Hunny."

Azomoth says, "I must attend to my duties."

Shantelle says, "I also have a little gift for all the hard work Chabelle and Saslisena have done running the theatre for Theren."

Vicktoreon says to Belphoebe, "I'd like you to meet Rikilieta."

Tinderage says to Ishva, "Belles bossy trader act seemed too natural."

Belphoebe says to Rikilieta, "It is nice meeting you."

Gwenddolyn says, "Sgt Azomoth is on guard duty."

Chabelle exclaims, "Oh, thank you!"

Erieck says, "Haha, very nice and appropriate."

Saslisena exclaims, "OH!"

Mordibar says to Chabelle, "I think you just married the theater."

Drexella asks, "Just married?"

Saslisena exclaims to Shantelle, "Thank you every much!"

Belphoebe says, "He is a good man, and it is good to see him happy."

Drexella says, "Ishva played second fiddle from day one."

Moraxis says, "She already was married to the Theater."

Chabelle says, "Well, we have had a long love affair."

Mordibar says, "Well true."

Shantelle says, "On behalf of the people of Theren I thank you."

Mordibar says, "But the marriage was never offical before."

Rikilieta says, "He is."

Chabelle says, "Thank you, My Lady, I am deeply honored."

Talorc says, "Also one more small token for you."

Ishva says to Shantelle, "They are perfect."

Saslisena exclaims to Shantelle, "You're welcome!"

Ysselt says, "Oh, how pretty." Snales says, "Wow."

Chabelle exclaims, "Oh, how beautiful!"

Zynara quietly says, "Delightful."

Chabelle says, "Thank you, your Majesty."

Valkri says to Tinderage, "You need to give me a diamond like that."

Chabelle says, "I'm sure I can form the perfect jewelry for both the fang and the diamond."

Mordibar says to Tinderage, "Doomed."

Erieck quietly says, "Oh thank gosh Sesi isn't here..."

Moraxis says, "It was a good play, Miss Belle. So many questions now.. I'm never going to get to sleep tonight."

Drexella says, "I'm not sure putting the fang in a setting is a good idea Belle."

Tinderage says to Mordibar, "I embrace my doom though."

Mordibar says to Erieck, "Or Shiana."

Malzard quietly asks Ysselt, "I trust you enjoyed yourself?"

Drexella says, "It's like caging a spirit."

Chabelle says, "Oh, how true."

Talorc asks, "I am told someone else helped write the play?"

Ysselt asks Malzard, "Oh, yes. You?"

Chabelle says, "Indeed."

Talorc asks, "Who?"

Talorc offers Saslisena a large clear diamond.

Chabelle says, "Saslisena was the co-writer of this performance."

Saslisena gasps! Saslisena blushes a bright red color.

Ysselt smiles. Rikilieta smiles at Saslisena, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Saslisena accepts Talorc's clear diamond.

Talorc says, "They pale in comparison to the beauty in this room but accept them as tokens of how much I enjoyed the play."

Ysselt says to Malzard, "I don't know too many men who truly appreciate the arts."

Erieck says to Chabelle, "Please say its next..."

Shantelle says, "Such a charmer."

Talorc bows to Shantelle. Shantelle grins at Talorc.

Valkri glances at Talorc.

Chabelle says to Talorc, "We are pleased that you enjoyed it."

Valkri glances at Shantelle.

Talorc says, "I have a gift for you to lady."

Shantelle says, "Oh my."

Talorc says, "You will find it in your father's stables."

Shantelle asks, "Really?"

Shantelle beams!

Saslisena beams at Shantelle!

Chabelle exclaims to Razzer, "Thank you for coming, Da!"

Chabelle beams at Shantelle!

Shantelle says, "You are far too generous My Lord."

Belphoebe smiles.

Shantelle smiles at Talorc.

Talorc asks, "Oh what is the use of being a king if you can't do as you please?"

Chabelle says, "In my special pouch."

Chabelle says, "Very true."

Valkri says to Tinderage, "No beasts, diamonds are fine...but none of those scary animals."

Talorc asks, "You mean my pet?"

Talorc says, "He is around here somewhere."

Talorc says, "But he is harmless."

Moraxis asks, "What kind of pet?"

Gwenddolyn says, "His velver."

Talorc says, "Mostly."

Shantelle says, "Your pet may scare those not used to your ways."

Drexella says, "I wouldn't call a velver harmless. Ever."

Talorc says, "I fed him before I left the camp."

Jerid says, "I have experienced death by velver enough times in my life."

Moraxis says, "I don't think I've ever seen a velver."

Shantelle exclaims, "Well that's good!"

Selinthesa says to Shantelle, "I do hope you'll show me your gift sometime. But I do need to be making my way back toward Muspar'i."

Gwenddolyn says, "They have a tendancy to make someone feel very relaxed."

Shantelle exclaims, "I can't wait to show you!"

Erieck says to Jerid, "I don't think his velver used to like us very well.."

Mordibar says to Gwenddolyn, "And then very dead."

Selinthesa says to Talorc, "It was truly an honor."

Drexella says, "Just before they destroy you right down the middle."

Chabelle says to Selinthesa, "I'm so glad you could make it to this performance, Guildleader."

Shantelle says, "Travel safe my friend."

Talorc says, "The honor was mine."

Chabelle says, "But then I say ... and mean ... it every time you come."

Ysselt asks Malzard, "Are you all heading back, now?"

Talorc says, "And now Valkri."

Ruea says to Chabelle, "The performance was wonderful as always, but I'm afraid we must be going."

Talorc says, "My new ambassdor."

Valkri says, "I am."

Malzard says to Ysselt, "Yes, it seems we are."

Chabelle says to Ruea, "I'm glad you all came up to attend the performance."

Ysselt asks, "May I join you heading back?"

Belphoebe says to Chabelle, "Thank you for a lovely play."

Talorc says, "You will find that an easy job."

Malzard says to Ysselt, "Of course."

Erieck says, "If you folks are heading out..thank you for coming to the show."

Valkri says to Talorc, "Good to hear."

Ysselt says, "Thank you for the enjoyable performance, once again."

Ruea says to Erieck, "I'm sure I'll see you soon, dear."

Chabelle exclaims to Belphoebe, "You are most welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it!"

Erieck says, "I'm glad everyone could make it."

Erieck says, "Yes, I'll be returning to Shard soon enough."

Talorc asks, "But really why does the baron give women so much power?"

Belphoebe says, "It will be good to see you again Erieck."

Shantelle says, "Our women have earned it My Lord."

Valkri says, "Because..."

Valkri says, "Mm...right, let me stop before answering."

Jerid says, "The Baron choses some highly qualified people, some happen to be women."

Chabelle says to Shantelle, "Oh that was a much better answer than I was thinking."

Marsais says to Jerid, "Good answer."

Erieck says, "I think he nailed that one right on the head."

Talorc says, "Ahh you know I ask to watch your reactions."

Drexella says, "I did enjoy that answer."

Valkri asks Talorc, "And?"

Talorc says, "Again thank you for the play I understand you have a meeting with another King shortly."

Valkri asks, "I do?"

-Falila of the Therengian Cavalry and Theren Players

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