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Re: A whole bunch of information · on 04/11/2012 12:08 PM CDT 2887
>>It just means you won't be able to immediately hunt at-level with all melee weapons.

Just to, uh, nip this one in the bud.

Melee Mastery doesn't act as a weapon skill if your weapon skill is lower. If you have 500 MM and you're using a weapon with 50 ranks, you will NOT operate at 500 ranks of that weapon. If that was the case there'd be no point in having weapon skills at all.

It would be more like you're operating at 120 ranks of that weapon, which means you can get experience with that weapon a lot faster.


Utility is probably being misrepresented here. Utility isn't "Things that are useful" - It's a rather narrow set of spells that is more of a miscellaneous category than anything else. Basically every "buff" is an Augmentation spell, and basically every "debuff" is a debilitation spell. Warding spells are barriers and damage reductions, leaving utility for things like Shield of Light, Shadow Servant, Focus Moonbeam, etc.

Utility spells have no mechanical impact by the pure virtue of casting them, but instead rely on the player to utilize the effects of the spell for their benefit.

>>Empaths. All of the healing spells and a good handful of others are utility

Fair enough.

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