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A Missive · on 10/03/2007 01:36 PM CDT 605
Dear Oane,

Thank you for your recent letter. My husband and I were pleased to hear that you are learning more about the necklace?s origin. After some discussion, Aodin has decided to allow you to keep the necklace a little longer as you requested. However, he is feeling somewhat ancy about being in Theren with little to do.
We were wondering what else we might do to help. Although a trip to see Darius is out of the question for my husband, could we send envoys and letters to him to start up some sort of correspondence on what he knows?
Please let us know if another meeting is in order.
Thank you,
Isila Wourthington

This message was originally posted in Events and Happenings in DragonRealms' Elanthia \ In-Character Event discussions., by DR-ADERA on the forums.

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