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A Letter to the General · on 07/06/2011 10:59 PM CDT 71
To Brigadier General Zukir,

I hope this letter finds you in better spirits than those my colleague put you in during our recent visit to the Keep. I wish to thoroughly apologize for his...strong personality. The good Councilman had sampled a considerable amount of the offerings from the Raven's Court bar, and though his Dwarven nature would protest quite strongly, I do feel it affected his judgment.

I wish you to simply consider that this whole matter of losing the fleet has weighed very heavily on him these past several years. The nebulous ravings of Moon Mages can be twisted to mean nearly anything; they seldom even agree with each other! Quidan felt the threat at the time was not to our merchant fleet, even with our excitable friend Darsam proclaiming the journey a folly. None were prepared for what happened, and as the decision ultimately was Quidan's to make in Vanassa's absence, he has made it his personal mission to find them, or their remains.

While we didn't outright give up hope for survivors, most of us long ago resumed our regular duties and simply reviewed reports to keep us apprised of the ongoing search efforts. Quidan, however, remained directly involved and was often the one putting them together.

I understand he also found his cell door left opened and lead one of your guardsmen on a chase through the Keep. This is troubling, I agree, and also a very poor judgment call on his part. I give you my word he will not be our primary contact to the Keep in the future provided ANYONE else can stand in. I do hope his time with you has allowed him to sleep off his impairment and made him more amenable.

The council stands ready to begin construction on a new set of offices. We had our people work through the night to revise our shelved plans of the past. We've sent word through our network of associates to secure all the building supplies needed as well as the furnishings. We will invest from our own coffers to secure these resources; we simply need an expedited consideration for the permits to begin the work.

If you would, please, relay my sincerest apologies for Quidan's behavior directly to the Princess once again, as well as our greatest thanks for speaking to her father. It was a tremendous oversight of the past that we didn't seek the aid of the Merelew. As for yourself, please consider the culmination of events that lead to Quidan's behavior. We could dearly use his assistance in rededicating ourselves to the endeavor of finding our lost people and bringing them home.

With deepest respect,

Council Member Lavieska
on behalf of the Estate Holder Council

OOC: There will be another opportunity for involvement in this event tomorrow (Thursday) evening around 8pm eastern in Crossing. Thursday's event will have less NPC involvement and be more up to the players. I'd also advise that it isn't necessarily meant to be tackled at once. Pace yourselves. A followup event will happen a few days after you "finish".

ASGM Zadraes
Premium Liaison
ALAE GM (Platinum)
Logistics Lead

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