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Re: [Bug] buggy WM list · on 12/09/2012 12:27 AM CST 233
Going through some old posts and fixing things here and there.

>>-air lash works underwater

Air Lash is no longer usable underwater.

>>-Electric shock from electricity spells in the water seems to be in a random order

Yeah, this would be overly complicated to fix, since the code just checks each player/creature in the room vs criteria to see if it is affected, then messages accordingly. Adding another order of looping to do things in a different order would be just adding extra processing to something that is already literally happening at the speed of light.

>>except GZ which does the shock thing AND damages

Gar Zeng will properly explode underwater.

>>-Zeypher doesn't blow away fire rain?

Nope, though I still need to do some work on FR, it's intentional that Zephyr be friendlier to other spells now.

>>AC doesn't hide a familiars owner on Perc

Intended, AC does enough without this.

>>-ROS isn't causing MOA to flare, if it should.

Nope, ROS isn't doing elemental damage.

>>-should AL cause MOA to flare? At least when/if it damages? It currently doesn't if it should.

Also, not really elemental damage.

>>-Should AL damage at missle?

Does it currently? Cause I'm ok with that since it doesn't look like the flash is directly coming from you - just that a flash is happening. Since the spell isn't TM I'm good with range not being an issue.

>>-YS is just an armor rank boost increase right?

Yeah, it sorta doesn't have a very good niche from everything I've seen. We're still in discussions to see what we can do to make this spell fit in somewhere.

>>-Any word on if there'd be a reduction of limitations of spells indoors?

Yes! Tremor can now be cast on single targets indoors, no AOE still though. TW can now be cast indoors, but there is a fairly substantial loss in effectiveness/duration from the added difficulty. Moving from indoors to outside will prematurely end the spell, as will doing the opposite.

>>-people keep asking me about rimefang and magnetic ballista.

Still haven't gotten around to these, but they are on the 'By X3 release, or soon after' list.

>>-any word on how far off the cyclic damaging familiar summon is?

As far as I know the familiar stuff will need a bit of work before a spell could get this done right, so it's on a slower list than MAB and Rimefang.

>>- Minor typo in Flame Shockwave description


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