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"Death from Above" Spell Changes · on 2/6/2009 5:08:09 PM 10262
The previously announced changes to the shield-ignoring TM spells have been implemented across all versions of the game.

This affects the following spells:
Harm Evil (to a lesser extent, due to specialized nature)
Lightning Bolt

Harm Horde has not been adjusted at this time, since it already labors under a significant accuracy penalty.

Please keep in mind when trying them out that the new numbers are subject to change. If you feel something is out of sorts, please tell us. Include the following information:
Your TM skill and stats*.
Spell you're using and at what mana.
What creature you're fighting, or the stats and Evasion skill of your PC target*.
Any noteworthy situational conditions (disablers in play, combat range, etc.)

* You may simply name the character if privacy is an issue, but the numbers make it easier on me.


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