Piralpa Tridents (1)

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Piralpa Tridents (1)
Event Feast of Eluned 1
Owner Piralpa
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Weapon shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Piralpa Tridents, Coral Showroom]
Sculpted in bas-relief, images of fish with childlike faces adorn the coral walls, their glassy gem eyes following any motion in the room due to tricks of light and shadow. The monotony of the rough walls is broken not only by these cheerful masques but by a series of thick colored bands, adding a rainbow of seafoam greens, ocean blues and pastel pinks to the otherwise pale coral room.
You also see a sandstone rack with some stuff on it and a sandstone arch.
Obvious exits: southwest.

On the sandstone rack
Item Price Done
bleached bone trident bearing intricate carvings 7,312   
barbed trident 6,812   !!!!
enameled trident inset with tortoiseshell chips 8,672   !!!!
shark-tooth tipped trident 7,812   

[Piralpa Tridents, Shell Showroom]
Shells from a variety of sea creatures turn the floor into a sparkling mosaic of iridescent color, a strong contrast to the dull beige shade of the walls. From the pale ceiling hang a few twisted ribbons of dried seaweed, suspending decorative bits of coral and stone to be reflected in the glossy and buffed surface of the floor. You also see a polished jade-topped table with some stuff on it, a driftwood rack with some stuff on it and a prominent sign.
Obvious exits: northeast.

A prominent sign reads:
Be warned, land dwellers! These harnesses are designed to hold tridents, and you'll 
find that most of your other more mundane weapons WON'T fit! Now buy, buy, buy!
On the jade-topped table
Item Price Done
blackened-prong trident with a sharkskin handle 10,000   !!!!
flared trident 10,625   !!!!
On the driftwood rack
Item Price Done
blackened sharkskin harness 1,875   
sun-dried seaweed harness 2,500   !!
knotted rope harness enhanced with bits of seashell 1,875   !!
pale crocodile skin harness 1,875   !!