Pathway of Damage quest walkthrough

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This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.

This quest is given upon advancement to 4th circle.

Gauthus regards you appraisingly and says, "I see you are worthy to begin learning of the Pathways. The first pathway I shall show you is the Pathway of Damage. By manipulating this pathway into your targeting matrices, it will allow you to increase the damage capacity of your targeted spells." The GuildMaster gazes thoughtfully at you then explains, "But before I just hand this potent tool to you, you must do something for me. Defeat a <creature>. You must accomplish this task in four anlaen (2 real world hours). Bring the <creature skin> from the beast back to me by that time, and I shall teach you what I know.


  • This quest does not require you to personally skin the creature. Someone else can do the skinning, you just have to deliver the skin to Gauthus within 2 real life hours.
  • Once 2 real life hours lapse you can reset the quest. To reset the quest:
The source of the skin/pelt/feather or whatever you are asked to deliver can and will change. So if you are directed to gather a Boobrie feather and you are unable to procure one, wait a 2 hours and reset the quest. On subsequent quests you may be told to get a Snowbeast hide, for example.
  • F2P (Free Accounts) characters: This Pathway quest does not qualify for a temporary travel visa. If you are sent on a quest to collect the hide of an creature found outside Zoluren, wait 2 hours and ASK GAUTHUS ABOUT QUEST to reroll the creature you're questing for until you've received a quest for a creature that resides in Zoluren.