Painted Ladies Design

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Painted Ladies Design
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Shard
Map Ranik's Map 67
# of Rooms 9
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Painted Ladies Design]
Buckets of paint and white canvas dropcloths streaked with colorful spatters lie neatly piled in the corners of the shop, while paint brushes wrapped in paper hang drying upon the walls. A cast iron tub in the corner is used to mix paint as workmen make ready to start a job. In the center of the room, a sign welcomes you to Painted Ladies Design. Obvious exits: north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest, out.


[Painted Ladies Design, the Yellow Room]
Light streams from ivory sconces hanging at even intervals along the sunny yellow walls. The dark frames which display samples of the painters' work are a vivid contrast to the pastel toned plaster. In one corner, a sprightly Elven woman stands ready to take your order.

Item Price Done
bright yellow sunburst-design wall 7,000   No
sunny yellow striped paper wall 12,000   No
cheery yellow tole-painted wall 35,000   No
white and lemon striped wall 12,000   No
pastel yellow stenciled wall 12,000   No
pale lemon yellow plaster wall 6,000   No
pale yellow moire silk-hung wall 72,000   No
soft yellow silk-draped wall 72,000   No


[Painted Ladies Design, the Peach Room]
A deep green vase filled with vivid orange tropical flowers stands in the center of a polished satinwood table at the far end of the room. The walls are a pale shade of peach, hung with mahogany frames displaying samples of the shop's work. A young Elven woman lounges carelessly on a chair in the corner, notepad in hand as she waits to take your order.

Item Price Done
coral and ivy sponge-painted wall 6,000   No
pale coral shell-embossed wall 65,000   No
soft coral glazed tile wall 75,000   No
peach blossom stenciled wall 12,000   No
vivid orange-striped wall 6,000   No
marbleized cream and peach wall 8,000   No
stippled peach wall 7,000   No
pale peach ivy-stenciled wall 12,000   No


[Painted Ladies Design, the Red Room]
Soft pink walls surround a dark ebony-trimmed oak floor, giving a flattering glow to the complexion in the candlelight. Bouquets of roses hang in vases along the wall, between framed samples of the painter's work. In the corner, a young Elven woman sits behind a counter waiting to take your order.

Item Price Done
pink and gold sponge-painted wall 6,000   No
red and white check painted wall 6,000   No
red and ivory floral papered wall 12,000   No
marbleized pink and cream wall 8,000   No
pale pink rose-stenciled wall 12,000   No
red cherry tole-painted wall 35,000   No
shell pink glazed tile wall 75,000   No
white plaster apple-stenciled wall 12,000   No
red and white tiled wall 75,000   No
red and gold flocked paper wall 15,000   No


[Painted Ladies Design, the Violet Room]
Tiny glazed clay pots filled with moss and deep violet pansies sit in wrought iron hangers. Draped with silk hangings in shades of purple and ivory, the walls hold silverwillow frames displaying samples of the shop's work for customers to peruse. Behind a counter, a young Elven woman sits, her hands folded as she waits to take your order.

Item Price Done
pastel violet stenciled wall 12,000   No
embossed tin jade and violet wall 35,000   No
deep purple flocked paper wall 15,000   No
pale violet glazed tile wall 75,000   No
soft violet sponge-painted wall 6,000   No
elegant violet papered wall 12,000   No
faux ivy and violet painted wall 12,000   No
soft purple stripe-papered wall 12,000   No
pale mauve sponge-painted wall 6,000   No


[Painted Ladies Design, the White Room]
Silvery silk is draped against a flocked white-on-white paper along the walls of the display room. Dark ebony frames surround samples of the shop's work, and a young Elven woman looks up alertly as you enter, waiting to take your order.

Item Price Done
white and silver striped wall 12,000   No
white plaster relief-embossed wall 6,500   No
silver-veined faux marble wall 100,000   No
high silver-bordered wall 7,000   No
white and silver-embossed wall 7,000   No
white and black tile wall 12,000   No
tole-painted white plaster wall 35,000   No


[Painted Ladies Design, the Gold Room]
Pale ivory walls have been hung with shimmering garlands of sheer golden silk for an ethereal effect. The soft light of candles standing upon cherrywood tables only heightens the effect. Display cases mounted along the walls provide samples of the painter's work, and a young Elven woman awaits your order.

Item Price Done
ivory and gold silk-hung wall 75,000   No
golden moire silk-draped wall 75,000   No
interlaced gold-bordered wall 8,000   No
gold-on-ivory floral papered wall 15,000   No
gold and white papered wall 12,000   No
white and gold pinstriped wall 12,000   No
gold-on-white embossed paper wall 15,000   No
gold watered silk papered wall 15,000   No


[Painted Ladies Design, the Blue Room]
The room is decorated in shades of white, blue and gold, with samples of paint styles and wallpaper framed upon the walls. A young Elven woman stands behind the counter, ready to take your order.

Item Price Done
glazed blue and silver wall 7,000   No
deep blue silk-draped wall 72,000   No
blueberry and ivy stenciled wall 12,000   No
soft blue velvet-draped wall 68,000   No
blue and gold sponge-painted wall 6,000   No
rustic blue stenciled wall 12,000   No
deep blue embossed tin wall 35,000   No
bluebell and fern stenciled wall 12,000   No
pale blue and white tiled wall 75,000   No
blue and gold striped paper wall 12,000   No


[Painted Ladies Design, the Green Room]
Deep green ferns dangle from polished brass chains along the green sponge-painted walls. Ruddy mahogany frames hang at evenly spaced intervals, displaying an assortment of paint styles available for sale. In one corner, a neatly-dressed young Elven woman stands ready to take your order.

Item Price Done
leaf green ivy-stenciled wall 12,000   No
painted faux-malachite wall 12,000   No
pale green leaf-embossed wall 7,000   No
pale green striped paper wall 12,000   No
jade green checked plaster wall 6,000   No
moss green painted plaster wall 6,000   No
deep green silk-draped wall 35,000   No
sea green moire silk-hung wall 72,000   No