Farmer Thorkim

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Farmer Thorkim
Prime Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Thorkim Family Farm
Type: shopowner
Relatives: Pa Thorkim
Farmer Thorkim is the owner of Thorkim Family Farm.

During Bacon Man's Birthday Bash 419 you could bribe him with a Grooba coin to gain access to the maze to search for a pig pet and other treasures.


You see Farmer Thorkim, a Human.
He has a triangular face, brown eyes and a straight nose. His dark brown hair is short and wavy, and is worn loose. He has tanned skin and an athletic build.
He appears to be an adult.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a rusted pitchfork in his right hand.
He is wearing some mud-splattered blue overalls, a stained white shirt, and some high black boots with caked-on debris.



Farmer Thorkim points over the gate he guards and says, "See them there lumps o'
mud?  They ain't no mud at all!"  He flashes a wide smile.  "Them pigs and
piglets are wallowin' about and hiding.  They's knowin' somethings going on and
tryin' not ter draw no attention to themselves."

"Pa Thorkim has an arrangement with the Bacon Man, see.  But them pigs been
more amorous than usual, and we almost gots more bacon than we know what to do

He concludes, "Iffen ye bring me one of them shiney coins that've been popular
all o'sudden, I might be convinced to look another way while ye sneak in and
grab one for yerself.  S'that or they're off to the market, in one form or


Farmer Thorkim responds, "Pa Thorkim met the Bacon Man years ago.  Pa ain't so
good at farmin', but ain't none better fer raising piggies.  They gots 'em an
arrangement, and the Bacon Man stops by real regular to get some of the older

"I was curious once about that bacon milk he sells, and pa bought me a glass."
Farmer Thorkim shakes his head and makes a face.  "It ain't fer me.  Some things
just ain't meant to be mixed.  Somehow, though, that Bacon Man sells it by the
barrel full along with all his other, erm, treats."


Farmer Thorkim looks mortified and leans in to whispers, "I ain't never met her
now, ye hear?  I ain't for knowin' anyone but the Bacon Man who ever has, but
the rumors say she runs some sort of house of ill repute, iffen ye catch my

He straightens and continues, "I ain't for knowin' why the Bacon Man got himself
into business with her sorts, but she sure did give him some shiney coins!  If
ye bring me one, I'll let you inside the pen to try and grab a piggie."


(without coin)

Farmer Thorkim shakes his head.  "Sorry there, madam.  Pa Thorkim says I gots to
keep visitors out."  He leans in and whispers, "If you bring me a Grooba Coin,
though, I might could find myself distracted with the fence for a bit."

(with coin)

Farmer Thorkim's eyes light up as he gazes at your proffered coin.  He clears
his throat and glances around before whispering, "If yer sure 'bout partin' with
that coin, I'm mighty interested in it.  You can sneak in and wallow about with
the piggies, maybe get one out without gettin' caught, iffen I can have that

Pig Maze

See Thorkim Family Farm for details.