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Status: Alive
Location: Asemath Academy (Ranik Map 1g)

Ozursus is the magical feat trainer for the province of Zoluren.
You see a trainer of magical feats. You think you can STUDY them to learn more.

  • STUDY Ozursus: You look Ozursus over, realizing they have knowledge of magical feats and can likely answer all of your questions.

[You can ASK Ozursus ABOUT FEAT to learn about magical feats in general]
[You can ASK Ozursus ABOUT <feat name> to learn about it - NOTE you must spell it exactly!
[You can ASK Ozursus ABOUT LEARNING <feat name> to learn that feat]
[You can ASK Ozursus ABOUT FORGETTING <feat name> to forget that feat]

Teaches all of the Magical Feats.