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Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Location: Boar Clan (Ranik Map 121)
Type: shopowner

Orliss is the magical feat trainer for the province of Forfedhdar. He wanders Boar Clan.


You see a trainer of magical feats. You think you can STUDY them to learn more.


You look Orliss over, realizing they have knowledge of magical feats and can likely answer all of your questions.

[You can ASK Orliss ABOUT FEAT to learn about magical feats in general.]
[You can ASK Orliss ABOUT <feat name> to learn about it. NOTE: you must spell it exactly!]
[You can ASK Orliss ABOUT LEARNING <feat name> to learn that feat.]
[You can ASK Orliss ABOUT FORGETTING <feat name> to forget that feat.]

Teaches all of the Magical Feats.