Old Drunken Hedgewizard

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Old Drunken Hedgewizard
Status: Alive
Guild: Warrior Mage
Gender: Male
Location: Ratha (Ranik Map 90)

An Old Drunken Hedgewizard is a NPC found wandering the 1st tier of Ratha. The hedgewizard randomly turns people into toads, but also has useful information that is part of the original puzzle to get to Hara'jaal and then Mer'Kresh beyond that.


The ancient hedgewizard can only be extremely drunk by the way he is stumbling around. He is wearing an ale-stained blue robe embroidered with large yellow stars and moons. Perched on his head is a tall pointed hat, its tip bent and flopping, that matches his robe. A number of etched silver flasks can be seen sticking out from his wide belt.

Conversational Responses

Ask Hedgewizard About...

  • Pirate: An old drunk hedgewizard slurs, "Errm...well, I've heard rumors over the years. Ahhh...yes I have."
  • Boat: An old drunk hedgewizard slurs, "Well...ermm...Kretsky prolly knows more about that then me."
  • Island: An old drunk hedgewizard slurs, "Plenty of em out in that big blue wet world. Even a couple only a pirate would luv."
  • Rumor: An old drunk hedgewizard slurs, "Ya hear a barrel full in a big town like this I can tell you that fer certain." The hedgewizard chuckles then takes a long slug from a flask. "You know old Raif is one of the biggest tongue wagglers around these islands. An old drunk hedgewizard continues, "But I don't know what he can tell you that you don't already know."
  • Raif: An old drunk hedgewizard slurs, "Blah...I can't ever keep up with that old coot."
  • Toad: An old drunk hedgewizard slurs, "Dey are little green things with warts."
  • Ratha: An old drunk hedgewizard slurs, "Wonderful city don't you think?"
  • Magic: An old drunk hedgewizard slurs, "Well...I use to be perty good. That's been a while backthough."
  • Flask: An old drunk hedgewizard slurs, "Hee...got me best brandy in these thingers."
  • Guild: An old drunk hedgewizard slurs, "I just don't have the stamina fer them things anymore."


If you get turned into a toad...

  • You will hop in random directions no matter which way you attempt to go.
  • You will have warts and can pass warts to people who touch or lick you.
  • Your words will all come out as a ribbit.
  • You will remain a toad until either another character kisses you, or 90 seconds real time passes.

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