Occasional Treasures

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Occasional Treasures
Event Romancing the Seas
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Wedding shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Jaal Jeraya, Occasional Treasures]
Tiny pink rosebuds and lush green vines decorate the pale yellow paper lining the walls. Various tables, shelves and counters are arranged to display merchandise to its best advantage. Slender Elven clerks wander through the shop occasionally, smiling fondly as they restore depleted inventory or pause to answer a question for a patron. You also see a simple white wardrobe, an ivory mannequin with a form-fitting gown of midnight blue nightsilk with a sweeping train on it, a pale silverwillow wardrobe, and a sandalwood door.
Obvious exits: none. Ship paths: none.

On the display table
Item Price Done
soft pink rosebud circlet with a trailing white lace veil 4,375   
violet pansy wreath with trailing silver ribbons 4,375   
white daisy wreath with trailing yellow ribbons 4,375   
pale pink rose wreath with trailing white ribbons 4,687   
platinum circlet set with onyx shar'nath blossoms 328,125   
silver circlet affixed with long flowing veils of shimmering mesh 18,750   
On the display shelf
Item Price Done
delicate fan of midnight blue feathers 250   
colorful fan shaped like a large butterfly wing 500   !!
white lace fan embellished with snow-white roses 6,250   
simple linen fan adorned with a cluster of daisies 625   
On the low counter
Item Price Done
pair of white satin slippers graced with crystal snowflakes 937   
dainty slippers of midnight blue nightsilk 1,875   !!
formal white slippers graced with a rose of white lace 937   
pale linen slippers with a daisy on each toe 375   
dainty slippers of cerulean nightsilk 1,875   !!

In the white wardrobe
Item Price Done
pink linen dress with carved ivory buttons 4,375   
flowing ivory gauze day gown with a damask vest 4,375   
pale yellow dress with a ruffled white cotton underskirt 4,375   
light green cotton gown with a wide white satin belt 4,375   
simple white muslin gown embroidered with delicate flowers 4,375   
On the ivory mannequin
Item Price Done
form-fitting gown of midnight blue nightsilk with a sweeping train 93,750   !!
In the silverwillow wardrobe
Item Price Done
dainty white lace wedding gown with a short pearl-trimmed train 37,500   !!
pale pink damask wedding dress with an underskirt of ivory silk 50,000   
off-the-shoulder ivory satin wedding gown 43,750   
pale wedding gown of spidersilk lace graced with a multi-layered train 31,250   
wedding gown crafted from layer upon layer of snow-white lace 21,875   
wedding gown of ice-white satin embellished with cobalt blue glass butterflies 43,750   
ivory silk wedding gown with a long fan-tail train 40,000   !!