Obscure Memories (4)

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Obscure Memories
Event Hollow Eve Festival 417
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, General shops, Jewelry shops, Miscellaneous shops, Toy shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Obscure Memories, Sales Floor]
A rainbow of brightly colored curtains hang around the room, each painted with caricatures of creatures in silly positions. A silver chandelier is suspended from the midnight blue metal ceiling, with tiny crystal stars dangling from each of its arms.
You also see a finely penned note, a silvery spidersilk net, a green table with yellow stars with several things on it, a mannequin topped by a balloon head with a silly grin with several things on it, a rainbow-woven basket, a colorful souvenir counter with several things on it and an exit door.
Obvious exits: none.

A finely penned note reads:

"The proprietors of Obscure Memories would like 
to recognize Captain Kurmin as the driving force 
behind the shop's renovation.”

On the green table
Item Price Done
pumpkin orange satchel with a leafy green strap 1,172   !!
fuzzy spider hat with eight dangling legs 360   !!
fuzzy black spider doll with big googly-eyes 577   No
dark thigh pouch with a delicate silver cobweb overlay 669   No
charcoal grey jodhpurs with black velvet along the outer seams 4,690   !!

On the mannequin
Item Price Done
soft white cape embroidered with a rabbit peeking out of a top hat 9,020   No
red silk robe embroidered with a lion leaping through a ring of flames 4,510   No
black velvet cloak painted with a sad clown 7,216   No
rainbow-striped longcoat covered with colorful polka dotted patches 9,020   No
deep blue robe with a light green mesh overlay 18,040   No

In the rainbow-woven basket
Item Price Done
colorful party cracker 100   No

On the souvenir counter
Item Price Done
cone-shaped hat covered in polka dots 902   No
wildly furred hood crafted to resemble a lion's mane 902   No
linen shopping sack appliqued with a felt clown 902   No
silveress shopping sack embroidered with blue-green metallic thread 631,400   No
spidersilk shopping satchel embroidered with a googly-eyed spider 27,060   No
cire shopping satchel clasped by large golden hoops 225,500   No
blue mistglass clown charm 18,942   No
silver clown charm 451   No
Gemfire velvet rosette edged with silvery lace 180,400   No
colorful spun glitter rosette adorned with tightly curled ribbons 9,020   No