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NEWS article 2-4:

Dateline 7/27/2012: PREMIUM AREAS AND TRAVEL

Recently, it has come to our attention that some premium subscribers have been using the Premium areas accessible by portal to circumvent standard game travel mechanics for purposes of saving time. This includes the passing of items, coins, spells, etc. between characters who are a long distance apart, instead of through standard game travel mechanics.

Use of the Premium portals for this purpose is considered an abuse of game mechanics and is not permitted. Anyone found abusing the travel system in such fashion will be subject to action ranging from consultation and verbal warning through official cautions or warnings, up to account termination, where warranted dependant upon the account's history.

Should you find you just absolutely need to visit Fang Cove for something, you can still use the normal travel mechanics that are always available: the sea mammoth from Ratha, a player ship, or an unlocked Estate Holder's Ring. The portals, however, will only be opened around the time of the monthly meeting and a short period afterwards.

Thank you for your cooperation!