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Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Type: alterer

Nedrina first appeared publicly during Hollow Eve Festival 439, offering her services as a tattooist.


You see Tattooist Nedrina, a Human.
Nedrina has an angular face with a missing tooth, piercing turquoise eyes and a crooked nose. She has cropped black hair, with leathery skin and a lean figure.
She is short for a Human.
She appears to be in her prime.
She has a tattoo of a battered ship's wheel superimposed over a rusty anchor on her calf.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a loose-fitting chambray shirt with an open collar, a faded red sash, some dark blue pants rolled up to just below the knees, some simple rope sandals and a weathered bag adorned with an assortment of sailor's knots.

Notes HE 447

Nedrina says, "I suppose there's a few things I should go over."
Nedrina says, "Number one: I only work on a CLEAN canvas. That means I will not tattoo you if you already have a tattoo."
Nedrina says, "That said, I'm aware folks don't wish to remove a tattoo unnecessarily so - I plan on calling all 5 names at once. If you need to get a tattoo removed, there are a few shops on the island that will do that for you."
Nedrina says, "You may leave and return freshly scrubbed of someone else's shoddy work."

Nedrina says, "Number two: Prices will start at 500 plats today."
Nedrina says, "It may be higher, it won't be less."
Nedrina says, "If you're removing one of those magical tattoo things, I suggest using an inkpot so you don't lose your magic."

Nedrina asks, "Any questions?"

Melindrha asks, "The standard I have seen from other artists is that the location of the tattoo must be the last thing we notice. Does that still hold?"
Nedrina says, "I don't know what other artists are capable of, but I know I am capable of... great things. Where the tattoo goes is, a choice I can make."
Nedrina says, "In terms of the front or end of the design."
(ed: Note this appears to be different from rule #6 given in 2021)

Zamal says, "I do actually have a question. Would you work on a chest tattoo for a lady?"
Nedrina says to Zamal, "Long as you're not making a move on me, I will consider it..."


Nedrina says, "I will allow those folks to run to the local skin shop to have any existing tattoos removed..."
Nedrina says, "Because I require a clean slate."
Nedrina says, "I am an artist. As such, I will not waste my talents trying to cover up your previous mistakes."

Nedrina says, "I do not work on existing tattoos."
Nedrina says, "I create NEW ones."
Nedrina says, "If you have a magical tattoo, I suggest you remove the magic part into one of those confangled inkpots I've heard of."

Nedrina says, "If you remove the magic, you can remove the underlying tattoo so I can work on your bare skin."
Nedrina says, "AS I REQUIRE IT TO BE."
Nedrina says, "You can apply the magic within an inkpot... onto a tattoo I create."
Nedrina says, "But only after I have created it."

Nedrina says, "Right. Price...."
Nedrina says, "My work starts at 500 plats."

Alteration Rules

General Rules

These are mainly common sense, and shouldn't be considered a comprehensive list. As with all alterations, the alterer has the final say. This list also designed to provide information for Assisted Wedding tattoos, which may be very different than those provided by the average tattoo merchant (the main difference being that wedding tattoos can cover multiple body parts in the description).

Updated Tattoo Rules for ALL Tattoo Merchants as of 2021:

  1. You must not have an existing tattoo. You will be freshly inked with the merchant.
  2. Tattoos cannot appear to move on their own.
  3. Tattoos must be "in good taste" and not sexually themed or inappropriate for a family game.
  4. Tattoos must not mention a person by name, but can describe a person.
  5. Tattoos are ink only. No gems, scarification, branding, glowing.
  6. Tattoos must begin with "She/he has a tattoo of" and end with "on his/her <area>."
  7. Tattoos can only be on one area of the character's body. No describing something on the hand and the foot, but shoulder to hand is ok (like a sleeve).
  8. Tattoos cannot have glitter or metallic ink or illusions of motion. They are flat art on your character's body.

Tattoo Rules for Prydaen

Prydaen tattoos should be kept minimal and on areas where the fur is likely to be thin or sparse (like limbs, wrists, cheeks). Something on a back or chest or the like would never actually show up unless they are bald in that area.

Valid Areas

  • face
  • neck
  • arm
  • chest (male) / shoulder (female)
  • back
  • leg
  • hand
  • ankle
  • wrist
  • tail
  • shoulder
  • forehead
  • cheekbone
  • thigh
  • left wrist
  • right wrist
  • chest
  • abdomen
  • forearm
  • chin
  • left cheekbone
  • right cheekbone
  • calf
  • left ankle
  • right ankle
  • left temple
  • right temple
  • left hip
  • right hip
  • lower back
  • left palm
  • right palm
  • right knuckles
  • left knuckles
  • upper lip
  • lower lip
  • lips
  • shins
  • knees
  • right shin
  • left shin
  • right knee
  • left knee
  • scalp (only if a bald race)