Natty's Cave

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Natty's Cave
Province Ilithi
Justice Unknown
Town Fayrin's Rest
Map Ranik's Map 64
Owner Natty
# of Rooms Unknown
Store Type Furrier shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

As with most furriers, bundling ropes are available here.

[Natty's Cave]
As your eyes adjust to the dim light within this cave, a wave of warmth rolls over you. It emanates from a fire pit encircled by large, rough stones. A few Gnomes, trappers judging by their garments of snowbeast hides, huddle around the fire, their cheeks reddened from standing so close to the flames. Various skins and pelts are piled by type along the walls, almost covering a large keg that has seen better days. You also see some solid rocks, some rigid posts, a pile of granite cobblestones, a pile of rigid timbers, a candle-lit alcove and Natty.
Obvious exits: out.

On the large keg
Item Price Done
a pot of strong black coffee 0   
a cauldron of mulled wine 0