Namazata Umshi

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Designed near a lake sacred to Elves, this whimsical area is comprised of an elaborate series of platforms suspended between two enormous sana'ati trees with formal gardens below.

[Namazata Umshi, Altar]
An elaborately embroidered cloth of gold and silver oinurte rests at the center of the perfectly round platform. The smoke of amber incense wafts on the air above the gilt-edged brazier and etched silver vessel of rainwater that sit atop the scintillating carpet. To the west, a flowing ramp leads downwards, while a cantilevered balcony juts eastward into the open air, heralding the dawn.

This area features all the necessities of a Celestial Elf wedding ceremony, reception and dancing platforms, and is one of our largest and loveliest areas.

Namazata Umshi.png

Flowers available to pick